Friday, 30 October 2009

PHP and Regexp are fun!

Hit a major roadblock earlier this week (a metaphorical one mind you) and so I decided to learn PHP and Regexp.. As a starter at least, after that I'm gonna start with mySQL and Cron.

So far so good. I can now proudly say that the PHP Xbox Scraper is hand coded all by myself. And it's really nice. Still not done though as the next step to scrape the various other RSS feeds I have going on my website. And then cache them in a database so that my website won't be so 'effin slow to load. Yes I am very aware of the slow-ness at the moment.. But rest assured that I am learning all of these programming languages to fix it. It took me three days to learn enough (from no knowledge) PHP and Regexp to be able to scrape my "gamercard feed". So maybe I'll have it fixed soon enough.

Until then enjoy some John Mayer - Belief why don't you. And just chill.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Volume 4, up and running

Hell yeah, Volume 4 of Fiinix Design is online and working more or less properly. I had some nasty bugs in IE I had to care of but now it works. Still have to add all the content to Showcase and Portfolio. As some of you might have noticed it get's a bit wierd in the end.


Don't worry though, I just fixed that too, but I still have to add content, but for now it will at least not try to load images that aren't available as it did earlier. Ignore the number that says there's 25 items to view for now, it's lying. Yes it really does..

But other than that and a few possible kinks that need to be solved it's awesome, so visit it...

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Dear Agony...

I'm really liking Breaking Benjamin's new album Dear Agony, especially "Anthem of the Angels".

Working hard on an update for my online portfolio, stay tuned for the awesome-ness that is Fiinix Design.

Here's "Anthem of the Angels" as featured on youtube.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Flying MC

Got a request to post an other design I've done some time ago (Yes among all other things I also design T-Shirts)

So here it is. I can't really take credit for the design though I just made this composition and re-vectored it for T-Shirt.

Yes it's Master Chief and yes, I'm a Halo fan. There I said it, now move it along and enjoy the design instead. :P

My Xbox My Way, Runner up...

I should remembered that I entered an Avatar competition some weeks ago, turns out I made it to runner up in the competition, which I a nice way of saying I didn't win. But that's okay, I made it quite far anyway which is really cool. Here's the screenshot from, I wanted to save it as a memorabilia. As you can see mines to the far right and not to blow my own whistle too much (just the appropriate amount) I think my design was/is better the winner's one...

I linked it too, but alas I don't know how long it will be there...

EDIT: As requested by beije, here's the entry I sent in, he pointed out nicely that you can barely see the design in the "tiny" screenshot.