Saturday, 27 March 2010

A Trip Down Nostalgia Avenue

So I was walking along Nostalgia Avenue minding my own business when suddenly a bunch of Devil's Tongues jumped at me.. well they came out the ground but anyways.. Of course they were forcefully greeted by my awesome defense of... hmm... a single infantry unit and a tick tank with half it's health. Fear before my awesome defense bitches I screamed at the top of my lungs, but to no avail as the Devil's Tongues were already eating away at my refinery.

Panic struck me as I realized that "if this is how the enemy is going to treat me on Easy, I can only fear what anus-targeted horrors it will bestow upon me on Medium..".

But I swiftly came to my senses, built a stealth tank and fended of the enemy's strategic offense against my person. I then pondered upon acquiring some lasers, because well.. you can never go wrong with LAZERZ. Which really, if I modded it, that's how you would spell it. But I digress, mostly out of boredom.
Upon realizing that this was merely the beginning of the end I decided to strike my own fear in the enemy. Thus I built my own Devil's Tongues (irony there). And began locating the enemy so that I could show them what Might, Will and coordinated eye-mouse reflexes mean. Upon having located the enemy I re-grouped my troops and began with what I planned to be a quick and merciless death for my enemy.

My planned work awesomely. And by awesomely I mean that the plan for quick and merciless death went without a hitch, except for one tiny little miniature sized, nano at most, detail. The death that occurred wasn't my enemy's. It was mine. Turns out the bastard had the audacity to have Obelisk of Lights spread all over his 'effin base. As is turned out, Devil's Tongues are not even slightly a match against the might of Obelisk of Lights, especially when they dig out of the ground next to the 'effin thing.

And thus began my struggle to compete with a single AI enemy at the lowest of levels, in a game released over ten years ago.

I really, reee'ally suck at Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Firestorm. But I had to download it because it's free in every the sense of the word. And legal to download. Just visit and clicky clicky, waity waity.. You have to wait a little if you choose Tiberian Sun as it's hosted by fileplanet. I played it on Windows 7 and it's working flawlessly after I told Windows to run it in XP Mode.

I later realized what time it was and the fact that my son should be waking up so I saved the game, to continue my struggle another day. Made a cup of coffee and did a print screen to fuck around with in Adobe Photoshop.

Here's roughly how my base looked after the enemy had its way with me, and then letting it's retarded cousin Bob have his way with me too. Then filming it for youtube and linking the youtube video on digg.

As you can see I have no Refinery anymore, or a Hand of Nod. So yeah, I'm pretty fucked. But still hopeful. Moments after this I sold everything except my Base so that I could afford a Refinery, which I was able to do but only barely. Next time I have time to play I'll have to deal with the enemy in a different manner.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Bikini Bitches!

Religion = LOL

Don't trust me, but you do wanna click the link.
I at least found it hilarious.. especially the drawing of a cactus.. with a hat.

Friday, 19 March 2010

On todays menu: Drunk

I officially now going to try to NOT be hungover tomorrow. Well see how that works out, because well.. I've been lucky enough (honestly) to inherit my father appreciation for alcohol, and my mothers affliction for it.

A.k.a. I enjoy getting drunk on occasion, but suffer from an extreme hangover the following day.. alternatively the hangover kicks in at night, whilst I'm still drunk. Trust me, you really don't wanna experience my hangover. It's enough to make to strongest of men keel over. And my definition, I a not a very strong, so maybe you can imagine my suffering (self-induced so I shouldn't complain too much).

But nonetheless my goal for tomorrow is to NOT be so hungover (see what I did there?) Of course you didn't. Nobody's paying that much attention.

I slightly altered the sentence by adding a "so". Thus changing it's original meaning of "no hangover at all" -goal to the slightly more possibly achievable "not as hungover as I usually am" -goal.

Anyway, I'm just rambling. FYI, I not drunk yet. It would be very irresponsible of me to Drink and Blog. So I won't.

And with the last two sentences in mind, I will for (now) apparent reasons end this post with a few words of wisdom.

- Remember kids, if you're gonna be mean to your parents. Always keep in mind that at any given point you might find out you're adopted.
Carlos Nabb, three seconds ago

Monday, 15 March 2010

It's (still) alive!

Yay! It's (still) alive! I was almost certain that irony and all things that usually go wrong would've made sure that my laptop wouldn't work. But whattaknow it actually does work... It still has a faint smell of O'Boy and by advise from a friend I am considering opening it up and cleaning it. It's not like I'm going to void the warranty anyway. But I haven't decided yet as I am unused to fiddling with the inner workings of laptops so I really don't know what to except, especially since I also found out that the previous owner had spilled some beer on it on.

Then again. At least it works. So far. I'm happy as a fucker can be. You know? According to the official definition of the amount of appropriate happiness a fucker can experience during any given time. I'm right there, experiencing that proper amount.

I'm done blogging for now. So on a final note, I trying to think of something random to write. But right now I'm getting distracted by Sex and the City (yes I watch it and kinda like it).

Here's your randomness by the way.

Hello, my name is
Big Boner

The picture is just in the spirit of how I felt when I realized that my laptop is working...

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Spilling cocoa on my new (old) laptop

I might have fucked my new (old) laptop already. God damn cocoa (link). I spilled the fucking thing all over it. Dried it off now, and put it to air-dry in the sauna for tomorrow, we'll see if it works then. I'm a little sad right now. So in honor of that, here's a picture I just made using Adobe Photoshop™

Blogging on my new (old) laptop

.. Yay!

Finally managed to score myself a laptop. Technically the previous post was also written on my new (old) laptop, but I didn't feel like sharing about it at the time. "Yay, nobody cares!". I've always been a fan of used stuff, well at least sometimes. I doubt I would buy a used Xbox 360. Then again, an old Xbox (1) I would totally buy. I already have one, but for some time I have been thinking about getting another one. Not sure anymore why, but I distinctly remember wanting another one. My fondness for used stuff varies. But a laptop is a total go. So a friend of mine bought a new (smaller) laptop, and thus I bought his old one, my new laptop.

In case anyone's curious, it's a Acer Aspire 3100 something.
With an uppgraded RAM (2GB)
120Gb Harddrive
~1.8GHz AMD Sempron

Currently running Windows 7. Which I have become a huge fan of. It's no powerhouse machine by any means, but It'll be perfect for my writing needs. This way I can chill in my sofa with the guitar instead of having to cram myself at the main computer. It's gonna be awesome! Come to think of it, I'm gonna write some right now.

So fuck of for now, I'm gonna continue my coffee and write some music.

FYI, Here's a random google picture of some laptop, it could be my laptop.. it could also not... But no, it very much is a picture the model I now have.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

I changed my mind..

I changed my mind. After listening to the songs I recorded, several times I might add. I changed my mind and decided to "fuck it".. Well not literally. I'm not going to upload any of the choices I gave you earlier, dear readers. (Again, both of you). Without going into too many details, I'll just summarize the sucky-ness they possessed.

- They sucked Japanese penis.

So instead I'm going to upload one of my own songs, but not just yet. I have to write it first. So unfortunately you'll have to stay tuned until then. For some reason I've become more "a fan" of playing my own music compared to making covers of other people's music. I guess that's the progression of developing as a musician or some shit.

In the spirit of the Japanese sucky-ness I thought about linking to the reference for that comment, then you would understand. But I can't bare myself to wade through Japanese game shows just to find that specific one. You'll just have to trust, it's weird and gross and if you actually saw, you can not unsee it. So really, I'm doing you a favor.

And I promise (cross my balls and hope to score) to upload a song as soon as I've written it. You'll just have to make do with my ramblings until then.

BTW. I have a publisher (who's name I will not disclose) who is a little more interested (than others have been) in my board game. They want me to send them the prototype. Hurray for me! Just need to make a presentational package to send to them. Nothings certain yet of course, but one (I) can always hope for something awesome!

Managed to roll out a small update to my website last week, now there's a cover image of the latest game I've played. I'm pleased with the result even though it feel a bit hacky. It's not that bad, it just has a flaw that I am aware of, but choose to ignore. We'll see how long it takes for it to bite me in the ass.

Today's rambling were presented to you by:
Kanagavel Kakka

Roughly translated (badly, from two languages and for the purpose of fun) means; Chicken-Gable Poo.

And as a hidden bonus, I dare you to google search Kanagavel Kakka. No, seriously.. google it. And then come back here once you realize what it actually is the name of... Don't worry, I'll wait.

...Oh you're back (or never left). Well either way I'm done, so bye.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Interlude: All we wanna do, is eat your brains!

I just had to..

WOOT for awesome!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Is art crap?

Or maybe more specifically.. is this crap? (the photo at the end of the post)

I was "filming" for my next narcissistic music video for when I started playing around with some settings. Well at least, the few settings that are available on a Samsung A503 camera.. it's not a very good camera.. no wait.. I'm sorry... it's not a very technical camera.. it's good enough for me, and I kinda like the grainy look everything gets regardless of how good the lighting is. Which is why my lighting is usually crap.. And just can't be bothered to bother, so to speak. Because in the end, it's not going to be what I would want... and also.. I kinda like the grainy look..

Anyways.. filming as I were. I managed to squeeze out three covers. Personally I am not pleased with any of them. The video is pretty much exactly what I had imagined, but the audio is sub-par at best and I just generally feel like I suck when singing (not my day today I suppose...)

So for funsies.. (yes Firefox, I know it's not a real word..) I thought I would ask you kindly, dear readers.. (yes both of you)

Which song shall I embarrass myself with on The song with most of the votes gets uploaded. In the case of a tie, I will personally pick the person I respect the most (who voted) or just randomly.. and that song gets uploaded.

Your options are;
Excess Baggage — Staind
I Can't Make You Love Me — Bonnie Raitt
I Miss You — Blink 182

You have until next time I blog, which will be whenever I feel like it. But probably tomorrow.

So until then, enjoy this (possibly) crappy photo/art.

Taken with the earlier mentioned Samsung A503 w Invert. The only editing I did is cropped it 9:6 ratio, added a black border and of course the text frame.
No colour adjustments, no gaussian blur. Nothing else.