Thursday, 25 February 2010

Abused Soul, Chapter II

And here's the second one. Will post the third one as soon as I've actually made it.

Abused Soul, Chapter II

The shadow falls across
clenched fists, tousled curls,
drawn up limbs, eyes squeezed shut
against the scene about to unfold
scarcely breathing, knowing
there is no peace this night.

Condemned Soul, Chapter I

Yupp.. I'm doing a series of it (why? link).. So here's the first one.. finalized and done and shit..

I decided to call it Condemned Soul, Chapter I.

He had the dream,
to hear the screams,
of a million aching men.
He sold himself with rhetoric,
and the nightmare soon began.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Stolen Soul

EDIT: I'm thinking about making it into a series.. Which means Stolen Soul is probably going to be renamed into something for fitting.. Stay tuned.

Fuckin' around a little in Adobe Photoshop, trying out some techniques and what not.. Decides the best way to learn would be to try to make some "artwork". Yes, with bunny rabbit ears for now.. Don't know yet if I'm done and/or satisfied with it. If not, then I can just continue working on it later.

Right now, the great (and slightly having a tantrum period) Boons is calling, which means I have a toddler to attend too.

Enjoy the weirdness that is my creative mind. And 10 points and a parrot badge to anyone who can figure out who the eyes actually belong too. I'll give you clue...

.. changed my mind, I won't give you a clue. Too bad.

Was going to call it "Soulless: Would you trust my eyes?", but I changed my mind about that too.

Monday, 22 February 2010

I made a bored game..

Pun intended. Albeit slightly false actually as it seems so far that my board game is anything but boring. People seem genuinely having fun, studying people playing, not just asking them. Come to think of I don't actually think I've asked a single one if they thought it was fun. I just base my research on observations instead.

Development is going nicely. I've started designing the board (towards it's finalized look as opposed to the placeholder everyone has been playing so far). Will post a picture of that later, when it looks better. Right now it's mostly token-movement-places, not so much theme. The cards are beginning to be in a finalized stage.. Awesome! The rules have been re-written for clarification and are at rev. 0.7 or something right now. As of right now, the explanation of the rules have taken the biggest leap from "meh" to "fuck yeah!".

Anyway, enough about that now..

All of you readers out there (both of you) just wanna see what it looks like, don't you?

Therefore I present you with a never before seen picture of my board game (expect for publishers, they've seen it..). Bare in mind, this is of prototype #2 and as such things you see in the picture have already changed (for the better I promise).

The theme and humor of Island of Eternity have always been present, since the conception of this little project of mine. And that is still very much intact. As it should be...

...Also I just realized, that I might have used the title pun before.. It is a really obvious one... hmm...

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Best pies in London? *hint hint*

Long overdue, but here's a picture of the pie I made.. It's a mix of blueberry and strawberry, and it's fucking awesome!

Yes, I am a man of many talents. It seems baking is also one of those talents.. I am bragging, but unless you've actually tasted the pie you can't really object, can you?

Anyways. Just thought I would finally get the picture up. Enjoy!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Behold my maggot brain

I'm gonna take the weekend off and probably do nothing. Well, that's not actually true, I'm not going to do nothing. I'm more accurately relax more than work. It's interesting to see people's perception of "unemployed". I'm not anymore, but I was for 6 months last year. And people seem to think that when you're unemployed you do nothing but lie on the couch and drool at the TV. Which I suppose is true in some cases, but it's not something you should apply to every who is unemployed. I have so many things to create/so much to do. That being unemployed actually gave me some nice breathing room from having had quite a hectic life before that. Near death stuff and what not does take up ones time more than you might think. Thankfully I wasn't the one near death-ing at the time, but when someone you love does. It gets to you.

Well, I think I've said enough about that now. It's still somewhat of a difficult subject to talk about so I'm just gonna move on to something else until I feel more up t it again.

On a sidenote, when I said I had my first external test group. (link) What I actually meant, in retrospect, as I grow more knowledgeable with Board game things, was that I had my first blind test-group. Again though, it was a very productive and I got some good data to work with.

- "I play Decapitation on you!"

Now you have to skip two turns. Unless of course you happen to have "Duct Tape". Which I doubt since there's only one of it. What? You do?!... Fuck...

An example of the emotions when playing "Island of Eternity".

I tried to find the picture of the awesome pie I made.. (link and link) But I couldn't find it, I'll have to ask bambina where she put it. And then I really will post the picture of. I promise.


Monday, 15 February 2010

I'm back baby...

Finally got the backup of my website up and running. Hell yeah!

Working insanely on my board game, it's becoming better and better every day. I got my first external test-group a couple of weeks ago. Realized I pretty much to re-write all the rules. Rewrite as in explain things that I took for granted simply because I've looked too much at my own game. And express the rules better, needless to say the beast was stun. (Please ignore my stupid humor)
Needless to say, the rules are awesome now, much better then they ever were. So progress.

I'm considering starting a viral marketing with the board game. Very much not sure yet though. But social websites would be an awesome playground to spread the news so to speak. Just need to get a good message first.

Anyway, just felt like posting something to reflect upon the fact that things do change and grow and such even though it's not always visible to the outside at first.

Over, out and beyond.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Shameless plug

Yeah, I really wish I had time to blog more, but as of right now I am so swamped with things to do it's insane. I don't even have time to do all the things I should get to doing. (This not include cleaning or dishing or anything like that..)

But I wanted to post a shameless plug to the website of the company I work at nowadays..

KTMP (clicky clicky, you know you wants too..)

I suppose I'm the head of web development there, though I don't have an official title as of yet. No worries though.. I don't a title to do my job.

Next time I update my blog I promise I'll post something more creative (even though this is still technically creative as well). But I digress (after only one sentence..). Next time I'll post something maybe from the my board game... or something else.

EDIT: The pies are awesome and I'll post a picture soon. :)

To all the princes of Maine, and.. fuck off.