Thursday, 29 April 2010

Now My Brain Hurts

I don't even know what to make of this. This is by far one of the weirdest Japanese shit I've ever seen.. And I have seen this amongst other things (Trailer Robogeisha).
This one takes the cake.. then smears the cake over it's body, puts on a tiny white thong and chases a truck downhill, for no apparent reason.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Saturday, 24 April 2010

I ♥ Herbs

Just so all of you (both of you) don't think I'm all about being annoyed and pissed. That despite my rants every now and then I also enjoy other things in life. I also ♥ herbs.. I planted some about two weeks ago. So far so good, all of them haven't started growing yet. Or actually, the last one started some days ago. But I haven't planted all of them yet.

Yes the picture is shitty and a bit out of focus, but I don't mind. I like growing herbs and using them in food-making, which is also something I enjoy doing from time to time.

As you can see, the Basil is enjoying it's well earned head start. Lemon Balm is the slowest one, it just started to spring up some days ago. My wife to be has planted some stuff too, Carrot and the flower Sweet Pea (Luktärt) and such. But I didn't picture those, mainly because they're not my project.

Carpet in background may or may not be the carpet next to our bed.

Why do you need definitions? [rant]

I'm feeling the need to be annoying, for the sake of being annoying. Why you ask? (I know you don't, but let's pretend you do). I'm annoying, because I'm annoyed. And well, I'm annoyed (studies show that if you repeat a word enough, people remember it better) because I am a father.

Now you could probably start theorizing all over the place as to how those two are connected, but I'm going to make it easier for you. It's your fault. Well, maybe not specifically your fault, bu'uuut probably.

- Why'a isa this'a my fault'a? You ask me with the voice of Jar Jar and a blank stare in your eyes. I smack you in the face a little to get your attention.

Because you people need definitions, for everything all the time everyday. Everything needs to be defined for you and as soon as someone opposes that system, you break down and refuse to listen to anything. For instance you fuckers refuse to accept that I'm not interested in the title of "pappa".. Yes, undoubtedly I am a father, a dad.. that is my role, but you know what? That is not my identity as a person. I am perfectly fine being a father without people calling me that. If you wanna meet me half-way, call me dad to my son but not "pappa". I have decided that I'm okay with the dad title because let's face it, I don't need to be unreasonable despite the fact that you are. And yes, you are being unreasonable, get used to it and evolve.

That is also partially why my son doesn't have my surname. What? You didn't think I've noticed that most of you make your child have the fathers surname in sort of desperate attempt to say "I know he's never gonna propose to me, but damn it that bastard is still going to be stuck to me through our child's name". Or "Don't you look at me that way, see my child over there, hear her surname, that's because I didn't get pregnant through a one-night stand, I have a man in my life!" Give it up already, you have nothing to prove because most people don't care, you and your stupid friends are the only ones that care. Also, my son doesn't have my surname, because I fully intend on marrying the woman of my dreams... within a couple of years, tops.

First you were on us about that we needed to define the relationship. Well guess what, we didn't, you did. Then you said we needed to have titles for our son. Well guess what, we don't and neither does he. My son will know in his heart who his father is because I'm there for him, telling him a firm no when he's having a tantrum, stroking his head and giving him words of comfort when he's sad, running around and playing like crazy so he'll know what having fun is like. Comforting him when he gets his vaccinations, all of them. So in the end, we don't need titles... but you do.

But for the sake of not having a monologue I would like to pose this question, do you know why you need definitions? See I have my ideas, thoughts and analyzed behaviors, but I'm curious if you are aware of your own behavior. I know for a fact that most of you aren't aware and lock down as soon I point out your behavior. Yes, you could argue that attacking some like that is reason enough to lock down, and that's entirely true. But I'm clever enough to try different approaches and have noticed that you always lock down a nd can therefore only conclude that you are;
a) unaware
b) unwilling to evolve

But I digress. As I said, I'm curious and more than willing to be proven wrong. So I ask you this simple question, yes the question is simple. The answer on the other hand is not as simple and I know that. Why do you need definitions?

Friday, 23 April 2010

You can smack my balzac any day

Words can not begin to describe how funny and "WTF" this is..

Friday, 2 April 2010

Happy Now, B?

Are ya happy now B? You wanted Prozac, and by random chance you actually got Prozac.. Life sure is weird. Believe me, I made no effort to dig up this metaphorical old smelly turd of a song me and a friend wrote years ago. I just got a phone-call the other day, a friend telling me he was looking through his old DV tapes and that he had stumbled upon a drunken recording of Prozac. And boy was I drunk, you might not be able to tell but I sure can. This.. is.. incredible.. wait for it.. sucky! This song is so badly performed (the song itself is fine by my standards) that it's sheer badness is the main reason the robots will rise up and enslave us in the future. So when you read this, 12 years from now. Try to remember that it's kinda my fault that you're all enslaved and Mr. Connor refuses to help you.

Anyways, all that joking aside (looks nervously around himself) my point simply is that it's bad. And also that I'm wearing an eye-patch looking thingy. Not sure what happened to the video -part of the video though as nothing's showing for me. So if you, like me, actually can't see anything either just consider yourself lucky. You got spared from the visual part of this audiovisual atrocity.

Bye for now!