Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween (for real)

A picture says more than a thousand words. And also, none of you would have the patience to read a thousand words. So here you go, Happy Halloween. I hope you enjoy this magnificent picture of the pumpkin I carved this year.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Happy Halloween, Tomorrow!

Yeah, it's tomorrow.. I know it, my wife-to-be knows it, how come everyone else has so many difficulties knowing it. It's not like the date changes every year, like some holidays. Yeah, I'm looking at you All Saints' Day. Halloween is celebrated the 31st of October, every god damn year. Remember it for 'effs sake. I don't care if you get drunk on a Saturday (like I will be doing today) in celebration of Halloween, but for the love of anyone's God.. know that Halloween is on the 31st of October.

That will be all of my ranting for this time. I'm dressed (as a pirate again, could find the sheep fur to go Faun on their asses) and ready to p'art'ey..

Thursday, 28 October 2010

To like or not to like?

Like, god damn it!

The Like button is back, one of my many (three) readers pointed out to me that the Like button got lost in the "design" upgrade. Well it's back now, so now you can all like things all over the place again. Yes I saved your day, you are free to thank me now and/or bow before your all-knowing master.. me..

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Umm.. Also..

I updated my blog using the "new" templates they have. Obviously I still modified it, but I quite like it, it seems more consistent yet retains the feel of my old blog. I also got my background picture back which has been missing for months thank you very much I know even though none of you have said anything. <-- Longest single sentence whine ever. Nah, probably not.

Anyways. Again.. bye.

Phase One

Aaah. Phase One of my Fabled outfit is complete. Alas Fable III will be released in Europe on Friday, so I obviously I'm not going to be able to to finish it before the launch of Fable III which is too bad. I was hoping/aiming for it, but oh well. I'm still going to continue onto Phase Two.. I don't actually know what Phase Two will be, but my love of naming things just gives me an awesome opportunity to have good name for what I've just done, as well as a good name for whats to come.

Yeah, I kinda got lost in that explanation too. Anyways, because I have a burning need to play some guitar right now I will be brief.

So here's the picture for Phase One. As you can see the Sabre/Cutlass is done now. I've also "updated" the pistol. And may I present Fate Cards. No, I didn't design these, there the "actual" Fate Cards from Fable II. They were supposed to be included in the Limited Collector's Edition, but alas they were cut. Thankfully though Lionhead Studios released the cards as a.pdf and well.. I work at a printing shop so the step from "ooh, pdf" to "ta-daa" was very small. The size of the cards were (based on my calculations) supposed to be bigger than mine but I felt they would become too big, so I shrank them down a little. Of course they have a backside as well, I just forgot to turn a card around when I pictured them.

And in case you would like our own Fate Cards.. well you can't! Suck it! Nah, just kidding, here's the link to, where the cards are hosted nowadays since Lionhead Studios don't have them available anymore. I thought about direct linking, but that's just douchey..

So much for being brief. Bye.

Friday, 15 October 2010

I crafted something of mine

Minecraft. If you've ever at some point in life enjoyed building with Lego, but always felt that you needed a few pieces extra. Or just want to support the "buy once, own forever" -mentality, at 10€ (euros) this is worth every cent and then some.

You need to check this out.

Minecraft is awesome. Why?

Because you can build things like this.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Collective Reviews

So here we have it, as per requested. I don't actually know who it is that requested it but anyways. Any excuse to blog I suppose, despite the fact that I am really really sick. Like fever and all kinda sick. So to be lazy I just going to post the picture.. Enjoy my mini-reviews of all the 360 Xbox Games I own.. N/A means I haven't actually played.. But I hear both N/A games are shit. Well that's not actually true, allegedly Mass Effect is a really good game, and truth be told I've tried to play it a little but not enough to warrant a score about it, hense N/A. I don't know if I will ever play it though.. let's just say that I was not impressed at all.

Click for larger picture...

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Pics or didn't happen

As promised, here's the pictures of my current "project". The pistol is done but I forgot to take a picture of it in it's "before" stage. I tried googling the 'effin thing but alas I was unable to find a picture depicting the specific pistol I used. I found that look kinda like and that will have to do, just imagine it all plastic-fantastic looking "oh so fake".. oh, and with the ever present orange-red tip that all fake guns have to show how fake it is. Anyways. I did however manage to find (forgot to picture it too) an image of the sword/sabre I used. The image is exactly how the sword looked like, I like that.

And here we have the pictures of the flintlock pistol. Not to blow my own horn (too much at least) but it's 'effin awesome. Or to say it differently.. I am very pleased with the end result. Anyways, here's the the pictures of the pistol, including my googled image of a pistol that is kinda similar-looking. Enjoy! Stay tuned for pictures of the sword when it's done!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Say hello to my little friend

I think I'm going to call her Ruby.. or 'Ol Faithless. I will let Fable II's description speak for itself.

Rusty Cutlass
Only the most pathetic of pirates, or one who had spent a great deal of time on the bottom of the sea, would be seen holding a sword like this.

There you have it. I bought a cheap, 3 € or something like that, Sabre sword for our Pirate themed party we had last weekend. Of course the cheap plastic fantastic shitware broke by the end of the night. Oh my, what an awesome opportunity to make it awesome. Ergo, some leather, hot glue and bronze paint later. I'm not quite done.. To be accurate, my Rusty Cutlass, needs to be.. well.. rusty, which it isn't yet. I'm still going to post a progress picture later, just wanted to let you all know (all three of you) that it isn't done yet.Yes, I'm making a Fable themed outfit. You already know that but I just wanted to remind you. Not much else has happened the past couple of weeks. I've been mostly home sick with the flu or something, it's better now although I'm still feeling the effects of it.

Until I post the picture you're going to have to settle with a cover of Oasis: Don't Look Back In Anger, this is seriously the most beautiful cover of this song I've ever heard...

How often do you get to have rusty cutlass and Daniel Norberg as labels? Not very often, that's how often.

Bye's for now... (pun intended)