Friday, 30 October 2009

PHP and Regexp are fun!

Hit a major roadblock earlier this week (a metaphorical one mind you) and so I decided to learn PHP and Regexp.. As a starter at least, after that I'm gonna start with mySQL and Cron.

So far so good. I can now proudly say that the PHP Xbox Scraper is hand coded all by myself. And it's really nice. Still not done though as the next step to scrape the various other RSS feeds I have going on my website. And then cache them in a database so that my website won't be so 'effin slow to load. Yes I am very aware of the slow-ness at the moment.. But rest assured that I am learning all of these programming languages to fix it. It took me three days to learn enough (from no knowledge) PHP and Regexp to be able to scrape my "gamercard feed". So maybe I'll have it fixed soon enough.

Until then enjoy some John Mayer - Belief why don't you. And just chill.