Monday, 30 August 2010

Home sick & Behind the scenes

Home Sick
Yupp, I have it too. Whatever my son had earlier we all now have. Probably just your common household cold, but annoying nonetheless. So I'm home from work today, but I'm gonna go there tomorrow so I think it'll be fine. Besides, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine I can now be productive regardless of illness.
Thankfully though like I posted yesterday, I've got the "studio" working again. But not only that, today I managed to get everything working, so now I can produce bad quality 720p videos, including title screen and all. You'll get to see it later, now I need to focus on audio, since the music will always come firsthand I don't really care much for the video. I say much and I mean it, but that doesn't mean I can't try to make something pleasing to watch.. pleasing for me that is, not necessarily for you.

Behind the scenes
And for your viewing pleasure, here's a peek behind the scenes of my work flow for making the shit that you have to endure on youtube.

See how nice I am?

How many people would go through all the trouble of illustrating the work flow in such an incredible high resolution. (I remember the camera taking a big picture, which I rescaled to 590x443) and to such astonishing detail (I spent at least 2 minutes drawing this turd of an illustration). And let's not forget post-production (I photoshopped a black box over a thingy that will remain a secret until the video goes viral) And by viral I don't mean it spreads like wildfire and people can't stop talking about it, I mean.. more the genital herpes kind of viral. So yes I said it, my videos will give you herpes.. that's how nice I am.
I can sense your admiration all over the intertweb tubes, that's it.. let it all out, you know you want to..

Enjoy your STD...

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Back to the Studio (?)

Hurray! Despite having a major migraine and/or headache right now I managed to figure out why my audio equipment wasn't working. So now I'm back in business, figuratively of course since my business isn't actually music.. at least not at the moment. Nonetheless I as happy as one can be a Sunday morning without a hangover, wife-to-be sleeping and a 2-year old scuffing about being sickly and sensitive. Yeah and the headache of course.

Because I don't really feel like writing a long post this time. I'll just post pictures of my "studio" equipment for those of you that are interested is knowing what it looks like.

Roland UA-4FX


Enjoy your Sunday and kids.. remember...

It's never wrong to slap a stranger if they were totally asking for it..
Carlos Nabb, a moment ago

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Equipment on the fritz

I tried to record another song late last Sunday, I figured that the massive intake of alcohol earlier that weekend would've relaxed my vocal chords so much.. and they had.. that I would record a cover of Bonnie Raitt. But no, for some reason my recording equipment was on the fritz. Or well.. the more likely culprit being my laptop, the mixer took in sound and so did Audacity according to the spectrum analyzer. But after recording I had nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was really annoying because I still have no idea why. I've tried reinstalling Audacity and will see if that makes a difference. I suspect that Windows Movie Maker is what fucked it up, but I don't really know. Because well.. before WMM everything was working fine, but the I wanted to add "video" to Unstabbable Feet and I didn't feel like installing Premier or anything else especially fancy, since I wasn't going to edit anything. Just merge some audio with video. I suspect there's better software out there anyway, but I was too stressed to look.

I'm open to suggestions. Right now I'm using Audacity 1.3 Beta on a Windows 7 laptop, with Windows Movie Maker as my easy video editing software.

I used to use my wife-to-be's Samsung A503 to shoot video footage but since I doesn't support 720p I going to start using my Samsung Galaxy S instead. Sure the footage will be grainy but it was grainy with the A503 anyways. And also I kinda like that, it gives it a nice B-look to it. It does however mean I have to re-shoot the footage I already have since it's in the wrong resolution / aspect ratio (640x480).

But that's okay because thankfully I saved the props. That reminds me, none you have actually seen the footage. You've only seen the byproduct "Luminous Truth" in my Is art crap -post (clicky clicky to remind yourself). But sleep well at nights thinking that I will post it, getting the video is the easy part. If I can just get the audio recording to work again it won't be long until I can post another video, with another song.

Until, see you over the rainbow!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Unstabbable Feet

No metaphors, no deep hidden meanings of cynicism and/or self-pity.

Enjoy this newly written previously unreleased very, and I repeat VERY rough demo of Unstabbable Feet. Why? You ask. Because sometimes you should have to relax a little and have some fun.
A big thank you to my sources of inspiration; my son for trying to stab his mother with a wooden spatula and my dear friend Beije for complaining that I never have any songs that are happy.

This one is probably not happy enough anyway but at least I gave it a shot, for now.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

My New Phone

Last Wednesday I finally had enough of the waiting and waiting.. and more waiting for my HTC Desire. Saunalahti (despite their otherwise good reputation) fucked up big time. Yeah they blamed HTC for not delivering as many phones as they needed. And rightfully so, it's not their fault that HTC couldn't get enough AMOLED screens to deliver enough phones.

And rightfully so I'm not blaming Saunalahti for this, even though they're still responsible as I'm concerned. But no, the reason I has pissed/disappointed is because Saunalahti fucked up by not really informing their customers with anything. No information about the number of phones they tried to get, no information on how long they had gotten on the huge cue of people. Just really, really lack of information.

So Wednesday I called Sonera (who's reputation is not very good) and asked them if they had any nice offers with a phone (Desire or Galaxy). And sure enough, they had an pretty good offer. Not quite as good as Saunalahti's offer but adding the 10+ weeks of waiting as well as the uncertainty of the arrival of the phone, I went with Sonera instead.

So by Friday (yesterday) my new phone has arrived, it took them two days to deliver it. Two days?!?! The ETA for the HTC Desire was 12-13 weeks (promised delivery being 3-4 weeks). My Samsung Galaxy S arrived after two days (promised delivery being 1 week). I'm very happy with it, even though I was more excited about HTC Sense.. TouchWiz 3.0 with it's Hummingbird CPU is.. well.. humming along very nicely. And since there's plenty of widgets on the Android market I've made my homescreen(s) awesome!

A.k.a. It looks nothing like this anymore. It's much nicer.

Also. Just as as heads up. There will be no more Movie Posters with my face.

Monday, 9 August 2010

What's in the Box?

Found this quite some time ago, remembered that I was going to blog about it a second ago. If you've seen it before. Well, I can't really do anything about that. But if you haven't, it's pretty sweet. Enjoy your monday morning.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Joel, you douchebag!

Joel Schumacher is also a douchebag. Origianaly... huh? (Freudian slip?!) Originally I was cast to play all the male leading parts. But George Clooney with his incredibly chiseled face and Chris O'Donnells infamous BJ tricks convinced Joel that they should have leading roles instead. They later managed to squeeze in Arnie despite his lacking acting skills. Also known as; He doesn't have any. And of course the rest is history and they all.. wait a minute.. oh that's right, the movie completly flopped so badly that no one even touched Batman until Chris Nolan rebooted the shit out it.. the shit of awesome-ness.

So am I still pissed about them stealing my leading roles away from me? Do I still hold a grudge? Of course not, we're all good friends even though we don't hang out as much anymore, but that's mostly because George won't return my calls, too occupied staring at goatses or something, I've heard. And Chris is too busy playing golf all the time.

So even though I hold no grudge I'll let you in on a little secret. Guess who put the nipples on their suits? Muhahaha, vengance is a dish best served with latex straight in your face at the opening credits.

My Fabled Pants (v.3)

I'm making pants. Or well, technically I suppose I'm designing pants and my wife-to-be is making them. She knows her way around a sewing machine much better than I ever could.

This concept drawing from Fable 2 is the inspiration I'm using for my pants. They're not going to be an exact and/or replica of the drawing, but merely serve as an inspirational guideline for the style I'm going for. The man pants.. not the stripes of cloth they try to pass of as a skirt.

My fabric of choice is Linen, a dark-greyish green colour as the base. So far I've cut out most of the pieces required. And done some necessary sewing to assist in painting the stripe pattern of the fabric. The stripes are now dried so that sewing and shit may recommence. I also cut out a square for a Kerchief, which I though would be a nice addition to my different types of headgear. I've also painted stripes on it, but I'm not sure I will use it as part of my Fabled outfit.

I can post a picture as soon as the pants have taken more shape. They're still quite piece by piece at the moment.

Editors note: The reason for v.3 is that these are chronologically the third time I have an idea for pants. The two previous attempt were utter failures. This time they will be awesome because I have my wonderful wife-to-be to constrain me from ideas that are awesome in themselves but total crap when combined into pants.