Monday, 11 February 2013

Taking Responsibility — Confessions Of A Web Designer

Today I was asked to put blinking text into a website. Today I had to make a choice. Live with the consequences of knowing that I've contributed to making the internet a worse place or refuse.

I refused. But this isn't just a story about just that. It's also the story of a boy waking up to his path.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Matter Of Subjective Importance

Let's get the important to me — but useless information to you — out of the way first; Coheed and Cambria's conclusion, The Afterman: Descension,  to the double albums Ascension / Descension has finally been released. It came out last Tuesday and it's super-fucking awesome! If I was wearing a hat I would lift it, pure awesomeness boys and one of the few albums where every song is pure win!

There. Now I'm done with that. I'm going to keep listening to their album on repeat for quite some time, because why frankly… it's that awesome. Check out my "This Is My Jam" profile and listen to Gravity's Union to hear what I mean. Oh [deity] that sounds horribly self-promotional. What could I do to counteract it. Nah, you know what, don't check out my current jam if you don't feel like it. Do listen to the song though. It's awesome. Here's a Youtube link if you don't believe me.

Now I'm actually done "promoting" this. Join me after the jump and read more about, well… other stuff too. Like coffee roasting and web design.