Thursday, 24 September 2009

So far so good.

Tried napping at 17.00 for 30 minutes, it really didn't feel like I fell asleep but for some reason I felt way more energized afterward than I had felt before the nap. I was a bit groggy for like 30 minutes after I "woke" up, but nothing out of the ordinary. So I decided to try to make some chili bread. I just took them out of the oven and now the apartment smells delicious.

It'll be interesting to see what tomorrow is like, seeing as I haven't tried sleeping for only 4,5 hours yet, last I slept about 6,5 as a form of easing into it. Might have to adjust the night one still, even though it would be nice to manage on 5 hours/24 hours.

I'm going to go enjoy some bread now.

[day 1] Experimenting with Polyphasic sleep

Or well to get really technical it's more accurately biphasic sleep. I have decided to try to sleep less, but more effectively. Not to go into too many details right now, simply because I don't feel like it I have decided to try to sleep differently. My starting point will be 4 and a half hours of sleep at night and a 30 min at day. Yes, I'm also thinking this might be too little, but I will have to adjust it as I see how thing pan out. Seeing as this is the first day I suspect things might not work exactly as I've planned but I'll just have to wait and see. With biphasic sleeping I could get around 4 extra hours to be creative and do things that I feel I do not have time to do otherwise.

The reason I decided to opt for the biphasic model is that I have a son of ~1 years old and a wonderfully understanding "wife" and I do so enjoy spending time with them (her) so I figured the Uberman model (sleeping 20 min every 4 hours) wasn't for me. Albeit tempting to get much more time to be creative, it's simply wouldn't be desirable with all my other life-goals.

Let's see how it goes.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

And here's what my tattoo now looks like. I didn't feel like posting a picture of it right away, I mean who really wants to see a tattoo that red and swollen... This is what it looks like right now, which is about a week and a half since I had it made. It's not completely healed yet and the club -part looks a bit off in this picture but I am personally very pleased with it.

Many thanks to Kodi who came to my home to do the tattoo. And good luck in Canada!

That's all for now... now fuck off.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Hangover...

... no not the movie actually.. I have seen it, but I didn't find it that amusing, or well technically I did find it moderately amusing, it's just not a movie I would see more than once. Yeah a lot of people say they really really liked it, sadly most people are also idiots.

My point with this title is more in style of I had a hangover this morning and for most of the day. Fortunately for me, I have not only inherited my fathers proneness for alcohol, I've also gotten my mothers tendency for hangovers of epic proportions. No I'm not joking, you should see me hungover it's not a pretty sight.

Thankfully I have recovered from most of yesterdays alcohol related debauchery. I say most because I will most likely last until I awaken for another day before all of it has passed.

On a side note, or well two actually... I have come to the realization that I have a very (to me interesting) mix of American and British English, and to top it all of I have Archaic tendencies. This is actually not related to the fact that my English is technically not my mother tongue, but it's actually because I like sticking in a few Shakespeare-ian words here and there.

Review of Batman: Arkham Asylum

Second side note; I have finished story mode in Batman: Arkham Asylum, I still have some challenges to do before I am completely done. This is a very good game, albeit with some minor flaws. Personally I felt the camera was a bit too close to Batman, although this was easily rectified by crouching which made the camera zoom out a little. It was still annoying though.


4.5 out of 5. This is the only game to ever challenge Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay when it comes to games based of fictional characters with associations to movies. Albeit the reason both of these games are good is because they have no movie tie-in.

Friday, 4 September 2009

All's fair in love, war and queuing ...

Well it is done. I've gotten my third tattoo. I'll try to post a picture soon (Yeah right, that's what you said about the ball-cupping-mammoth picture too). Honestly.. I'm going to try.. but for now I suppose you'll have to settle with this image I created using Adobe® Photoshop® *, albeit the tattoo is slightly altered in it's actual form I feel that this image captures the essence of the tattoo nicely.

* Originally written as "Photoshop mock up". But after reading Adobe Systems Incorporated Permissions and Trademark Guidelines, section 4 to be specific, I decided to alter the text to accurately reflect the guidelines set by Adobe®.

Some people can sure be anal about their registered trademarks. Not pointing any fingers though.

... or am I?

title? Huh? Oh, you mean the point of the title. Well here's a funny story. Well not so much funny as true, and not really funny at all. I'm just quoting myself, because I like doing it. End of story.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Waiting for inspiration...

Awesome! For years I have thought that inspiration comes to you when you least expect it. Then I read somewhere, by someone I can't seem to recall at the moment...

...busy googling.

"Amateurs look for inspiration; the rest of us just get up and go to work."
Chuck Close

There we go, that was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Anyways, that quote got me thinking a while back ago that maybe, just maybe, and bear with me now as this might get difficult.

Inspiration isn't something you wait for, unless you don't mind waiting a long 'effin time.

So after that epiphany I decided to work out methods to be creative, when I wanted to be creative. This is something that is especially necessary when one (me) has a child. So here I am, a couple of years later (I actually don't remember when I read that quote) and now I have finally figured out methods that work for me, whenever I feel like being creative. Awesome!

Which brings me "kinda" back to where I started. I am right now writing a new song, I have the chorus penned down and need to connect the dots in the verses. Or more importantly right now, I need to come up with a chord structure that works in the verse, the one I have right now feels.. well it feels a bit "blah". And I will not have "blah" for a verse. On the bright side, the lyrics for the chorus are just awesome, metaphorical and tragic at the same time.

Hype-machine anyone?

But I try not to. You'll just have to hear it when it's done.

Until then, in honour of Chuck Close I will just post an image of one of his paintings. This is one his paintings, called quite simply "Mark". And before you ask, I have no idea who those two people watching the painting are, I just googled this image.