Friday, 2 April 2010

Happy Now, B?

Are ya happy now B? You wanted Prozac, and by random chance you actually got Prozac.. Life sure is weird. Believe me, I made no effort to dig up this metaphorical old smelly turd of a song me and a friend wrote years ago. I just got a phone-call the other day, a friend telling me he was looking through his old DV tapes and that he had stumbled upon a drunken recording of Prozac. And boy was I drunk, you might not be able to tell but I sure can. This.. is.. incredible.. wait for it.. sucky! This song is so badly performed (the song itself is fine by my standards) that it's sheer badness is the main reason the robots will rise up and enslave us in the future. So when you read this, 12 years from now. Try to remember that it's kinda my fault that you're all enslaved and Mr. Connor refuses to help you.

Anyways, all that joking aside (looks nervously around himself) my point simply is that it's bad. And also that I'm wearing an eye-patch looking thingy. Not sure what happened to the video -part of the video though as nothing's showing for me. So if you, like me, actually can't see anything either just consider yourself lucky. You got spared from the visual part of this audiovisual atrocity.

Bye for now!