Sunday, 16 May 2010

Putting the design back in.. ummm.. well design

I just realized that for a blog called blah blah (Fiinix) Design, my blog doesn't really contain a lot of design stuff. Last time it contained anything remotely design-ish was back in March (I checked). And that doesn't even count for much.. I took a picture randomly, thought it looked nice so I cropped it and added a title (ooh.. how artsy..). Anyway.. I figured I would amend this atrocity at once.. a.k.a right now.. So here's some A3 (297x420mm) posters I did in Adobe Illustrator a couple of days ago.. I'm not going to bother explaining them, either you get or you don't.. Just noticed the Bungie logo is at different heights, damn it.. aw well.. I might finalize them some day.. they are not final, and these are only three out of the four ones I have made.
Yes, I liked Halo.. And I am looking forward to Bungie closing it with a hopefully a bang, and not a whisper.. :) I've liked Bungie since Oni (still like that game, despite it's somewhat buggy-ness).

Bungie, if you like them I would be glad to send you high-rez versions, since you own the copyright to the characters and such anyways.. :) I have though about having them printed for myself.. But I don't know/haven't decided yet.

And for all you hardcore fans out there itching to bitch about the inaccuracies, no I know there's no such thing as a SPARTAN-IV program, but I could very well have a poster for the SPARTAN-III program since that was all "hush hush" by ONI.. hence.. this makes more sense.

so you know what.. SuckIT!

Anyways, I quite pleased with the end result. And there, now I've managed to put back the design in.. ummm.. well design, I suppose.

Until next time bitches (and hoes) have fun and don't forget that if you steal my stuff (unless you already own it) the magical copyright fairies will hunt you down and kill all your beloved pets, so the can stuff them in your pillows..
if you don't have any pets they will give you a goldfish for your next birthday and then wait the appropriate amount of time for you to properly attach to your new pet... and then kill it and stuff it in your pillow.. muhahha.. no, but seriously don't steal my stuff, it makes me sad. Like really.. linking is cool though..