Monday, 14 November 2011

Awaiting Shipment

I just ordered some Costa Rica Perla Negra, Natural Organic via UK and now I'm waiting in anticipation for what it's going to be like. I try to make a habit out of not reading reviews or cupping notes beforehand. That way I can try to feel what I think about the coffee first, before my opinion gets "tainted" by actual experts at cupping.

Yes, it's called cupping.. but not the boob kind if that's what you were thinking.. or maybe that's just me?

I'll let you know ones I have had a taste. If nothing else, it gets the award for longest name so far.

On a different note, I have had time to play a little Batman: Arkham City.. but not enough to make a judgement yet. At least the beginning was exciting and gripping, kudos to Rocksteady Studios for (at least in my humble opinion) surpassing themselves in regards to the "intro". Especially considering that the "intro" for Batman: Arkham Asylum was quite good too.. But "Damn!" the introduction for BAC was better. I can't wait for when I have an hour or two of spare time so that I can continue to explore this fenced of part of Gotham.

I was also thinking about making an, sort of, educational post about coffee. Less of my own opinions and more of facts oriented, the very basics of coffee so to speak.. a little history and whatnot. I could call it "Coffees of the World, part Three Deux" but I will probably call it something else.

Would anyone be interested in that?