Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Come Over Here and Smell My Man-Cans

Because, you know... Real men don't own scented candles unless they come in a metal can and smell like bacon when you light them? Right? Or maybe candles that smells like Gun Powder. Or Dirt.

I am seriously not making this shit stuff up. Apparently (I must assume) if I were to be a real man I wouldn't want a candle that smells like vanilla or some other "girly" smell. Which is really too bad, because I quite like vanilla.
Just like a real woman wouldn't be caught dead using a no-brand random hammer she found in the super-market, but no no no.. she needs to use this pink hammer or maybe even host a (are you fucking kidding me) Tool Party.

Then again, I imagine it would be kind of fun to try to pick up someone at a bar with the line "Hey baby, wanna come back to my place, and smell my man-can? My man-can smells like bacon". And then, when (and if) you somehow manage to get her back to your place, you would.. you know.. actually show her your bacon-scented man-candle.