Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Refurbishing My Inventory

This list is more for myself than it is for you. Don't worry, I'm still writing a post about my experiences in the UK so far and one about the weather differences, but they're both taking a lot longer than I thought and I want to do them right.. so in the meantime I am now basically writing myself a shopping list of games I want to buy.. again.. I sold most of them before moving. So here we go.. the games I am going to buy again and the "lame" excuse I would tell my wife as why I "have to" buy them again.. I don't actually have to have an excuse because she's awesome, but I figured it might make this post a little more worth your while.

Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, both two incredible awesome games on their own merit.. add a sprinkle of Batman and mind-blowing performances by Mark Hamill (as The Joker) and you have two of my favourite games.. ever. I have to get these again.

The Excuse: "I haven't played Harley's Revenge yet, and.. umm.. I don't quite remember how the story goes so obviously I have to get both of them."

Ed. Note. Crap, Now I want to watch Batman: Under The Red Hood again.

Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas. Including all DLC's.. obviously. I ploughed at least 150+ hours into Fallout 3 back when I bought it. Fallout 3 has its flaws definitely, Bethesda seems to go for the "oh my god, it burns my eyes!" -style of character modelling when it comes to NPCs. Simply put, they are ugly fuckers. I never really had to endure their crippling (and sometimes game breaking) bugs but that also seems to be a problem with Bethesda games. But man do I love the iconic Vault Boy character.
I'm not sure which one I am going for here, on one hand Fallout 3 is the safe card for me.. but then on the other hand Fallout: New Vegas is developed by Obsidian (meaning many original Fallout developers) and also Hardcore Mode. I think I might go for the latter.

The Excuse: "Unlike Halo, the background music won't bother you."

Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and (at some point Bioshock: Infinite). So yeah, Bioshock with its creepy (and awesome) atmosphere scared the crap out of me so much that I actually haven't played most of it yet. And by most of it I mean.. I played about 30 minutes of it and that's it.
But I totally will, I really will! I vowed that I wouldn't get to buy Bioshock 2 until I had played through Bioshock. And I really do want to play both of them. And Bioshock: Infinite whenever that actually gets released.

The Excuse: "I never had the time to play Bioshock the first time I owned it. Don't you feel bad for poor Bioshock?.. sitting there.. never getting played. Look, now Bioshock is crying."


So yeah. I didn't really own that many games, and some of those were "The Simpson's Game" which I have no intention of ever buying again.

And then of course, there are games that I never actually owned but I intend to squeeze in there anyway because I have wanted them for some time. Games like Alice: Madness Returns, Portal 2 and probably some other games I can't remember right now.

Any other suggestions?


Also there are some games that I won't have to get again.. because I kept them for sentimental reason or what have you. Like Fable 2: Limited Collector's Edition, Fable 3: Limited Collector's Edition, Halo: Reach: Limited Edition, Halo 2: Limited Collector's Edition. I guess you are seeing the theme here, I basically kept various Collector's Editions of games. Partly because I wasn't sure if I would be able to find some of these and partly because I wanted to keep them.