Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I'm The Multitasking Man

Faced with writers block I sat around and procrastinated for 30 minutes before actually getting anything done. During those 30 minutes of procrastination however I did manage to chat briefly with my sister, come up with a topic to write about and edit the images to go with that topic. All of this whilst watching the movie Slither with one eye. So today I talk about my — sort of — new phone and how well it compares to what I used to have.

The difficult part about writing every day is that I obviously need to have things to write about and well it appears that today is the first day that I've hit a roadblock. So I procrastinated for 30 minutes or so. Then it hit me. I haven't told you about my new — well in a relative term anyway — phone yet. I got it a few months ago but since I barely wrote anything for a few months maybe it's time I bring everyone up to speed with the events/purchases and whatnot that occurred during those months. Come to think of it, maybe I should have called this post "Crap I've Bought In The Last Couple Of Months" instead of "I'm The Multitasking Man".

Well. Too late for that now — I like pretending that anything I've written is permanent even though no one would ever find out how many times I've edited this text before I actually published it — I wrote the other title and I'm keeping it.

Every year it's getting more and more difficult to choose a smart phone — smart phones are the only ones I'm considering for the sake of this argument — because the number of options on the market keep increasing. Thankfully though, it gets a little easier for me for a couple of reasons.
  1. I think Apple's products are hyped and over-priced. Now, I don't think they're inherently bad or anything because quite frankly I whole-heartedly agree with many of the late Steve Job's visions. "Focus" being one of them. But at the same time I think iPhones are a bit lacklustre in terms of performance when I can get a more powerful phone with a smaller price tag. I think the PR & Marketing department at Apple are unsung geniuses but that doesn't mean I'm falling for it.
  2. Blackberry. No thanks, mostly because — and feel free to call me vain now — it looks cheap and silly and I wouldn't want one.
  3. I'm actually a little undecided about the Windows Phone as of the launch of Windows Phone 8 but since that one wasn't an option back in July I was left with really only one option. Well, at least in terms of operating system.
Say hello to Android. I like Android and I suspect Andy likes me too. Not that he would ever tell it to me straight. But that's okay, we have an unspoken love for one another. Then of course there's the question of which Android phone to choose… there's ridiculously many of them. I used to have a Samsung Galaxy S and was quite pleased with that back when I got it/it came out.

But don't get me started on how much donkey-dick Samsung's Kies sucks though. I tried it recently and it's still awful beyond repair. And looking at Samsung's newer flagship the Galaxy S III, I was less impressed. So I turned towards HTC — who I have heard good things about for some time — and their current One -series. Despite the HTC One X looking quite sexy with its 4.7-inch display I went for their smaller One S. Its 4.3-inch display is still bigger than my previous phone and I still want a phone I can fit in my jeans pocket.

You want to know what doesn't suck donkey-dick? HTC's micro-USB connector thingy. Unlike Samsung who forces you to install their worthless turd and then it doesn't even work especially well. Here's a picture of how I spent most of my time using Kies.

But it's all lies, it never got any better.

So what happens when I connect my HTC One S? The standard Windows dialogue asking me what I'd like to do. It's simple, to the point, works every time and I don't have to start some stupid software — that even has a habit of crashing my computer — just to do it. Samsung, take note. HTC, keep up the good work. Thanks to the ease which I am able to connect to my computer I am more likely to buy a HTC product the next time.

I'm really pleased with my HTC One S — the following text has not been endorsed by HTC — and would easily recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to their iPhone. The only downside so far is that the Gyro sensor seems to have broken. Hopefully since I've only had it for a few months I thought I might be able to take it to the store and well, hopefully they can do something. I'll let you know.

I've also been looking into getting a tablet. I've got my eye on the Google Nexus 7… and again, it looks like Andy and me are going to be bunk-buddies.