Saturday, 14 September 2013

Sleeping Around With My Creative Mistresses

I thought — for a change — that I wouldn’t overstay my welcome. Which means, I won’t write more when I could be — should be — writing less. Despite struggling to get posts that are “long enough” I constantly struggle with the feeling that my posts are in actual fact “too long”. In essence,  I’m struggling with feeling like I’m overstaying my welcome.

No need to comfort me. I’m not looking for approval, after all, this blog is more for me than anyone else.

Yeah. It’s true. Maybe even a little sad. This blog has never been meant for anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I love you all — in an inappropriate sexual way — but anyone else reading is just a bonus, a Cherry on the top of the metaphorical Ice Cream Sundae. I write this for me. And I write this for my son.

One day I’m not going to be here any more, and whilst we can all hope that I can preserve my consciousness in some sort of machine, I highly doubt that’s going to be achievable in my lifetime. Which means that this is it. Everything I do, say and touch are thing I’ve left behind as well. But is the most unfiltered look into the things I think/thought about. And I want him to be able to get to know me in a way I could never get to know my own father.

Between worrying about bills getting paid, what examples I’m setting for you and everything else I thought I could tell you about some of the creative mistresses I’m currently sleeping with.

Thought, first things first, I really want to come up with a different metaphor because although it’s tongue-in-cheek I don’t like the implied disrespect towards having a monogamous relationship that it implies. But until I can think of something else, this will have to do.

But anyway. To not overstay my welcome, here they are in all their glory.

Remember how I said I would make something cool out of my explorations of the wonderful ales that are out there? Well, this is what I’ve got so far. Ideas are forming and I should hopefully have something more tangible soon. Well, more tangible than last time I mentioned it.

Early concept stages. Ignore the price, it wont actually cost you 25¢.

I also want to transition from being a writer to an author. Whatever that really means, I’m honestly not sure. I suppose I’m technically already an author because I’ve written things that have been published and read by around 26,000 people and I suppose that counts for something but just in case it doesn’t I’m looking into self-publishing because… well… why not? And what better place to start than with my multi-part short story. Once it’s finished that is.