Sunday, 3 October 2010

Pics or didn't happen

As promised, here's the pictures of my current "project". The pistol is done but I forgot to take a picture of it in it's "before" stage. I tried googling the 'effin thing but alas I was unable to find a picture depicting the specific pistol I used. I found that look kinda like and that will have to do, just imagine it all plastic-fantastic looking "oh so fake".. oh, and with the ever present orange-red tip that all fake guns have to show how fake it is. Anyways. I did however manage to find (forgot to picture it too) an image of the sword/sabre I used. The image is exactly how the sword looked like, I like that.

And here we have the pictures of the flintlock pistol. Not to blow my own horn (too much at least) but it's 'effin awesome. Or to say it differently.. I am very pleased with the end result. Anyways, here's the the pictures of the pistol, including my googled image of a pistol that is kinda similar-looking. Enjoy! Stay tuned for pictures of the sword when it's done!