Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I am Batman!

Well.. obviously not. But I so totally could be.. if it wasn't for all the money he has, that I don't have. And the persistence to fight crime and injustice, whereas I am a bit more indifferent to that at times. Yeah, and also the upper body strength.. of which I have none. But if it weren't for those, and all the other various things—read Batcave—that he has and I don't, I could totally be Batman.

Although I could probably pull off an equally bad imitation of the "I am Batman!" -voice as Christian Bale's original bad imitation.. Or maybe I shouldn't judge so harshly. Don't get me wrong, I really really enjoyed Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, two films that thankfully did away with the campy humour and tried to portray a glimpse of the very deranged nature of someone who dresses up as bat. Many kudos to Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale for that. And obviously all the other people who participated in making it enjoyable to watch Batman again. Joel, you go back to your corner of shame.. you really ruined it for everyone.

 But despite the fact that I really liked the new Batman films (as well as some of the older—Tim Burton—ones) I can not get over the fact that the gravely voice Mr. Bale did just feels.. well.. a bit wrong.. a bit, well.. I was expecting him to start coughing at any second and excuse himself to blow his batnose or something. Kevin Conroy is still, in my humble mind, the one and only Batman voice.

Speaking of.. I really want to buy Batman: Arkham City, it came out last Friday and I had totally forgotten about it. I must have it. Soooooon.