Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Three Point One

For the impending deployment of version three point one I thought I would post some info here, as well as a link to the flickr set featuring all the latest and greatest screen shots of the web page. Go there why don't you, they're all in glorious 1280x720.. no cropping, no down-scaling.. in awesome 1:1 size. Enjoy!

- Power Play % Algorithm corrected due to false inflation. Hover on stat for breakdown
- Rank classes simplified for better contrast. E.g. IV-A changed to insignia symbol
- "Ranks & Trophies" screen updated to reflect insignia instead of IV-A
- Passing % is calculated from ONE value only. Change from NHL 11 to NHL 12
- "Add Match" screen streamlined (too cluttered). Re-organised according to changes in NHL 12
- Added "exit;" clause to remove false error when adding match
- 1 vs 1 Stats. Adjusted background for symmetry

- Recent games added
- 1 vs 1 Recent Games added
- Season 2009-2010 Comparison added
- Penalty Kill % stat, hover on stat for breakdown
- Shooting % stat
- Goals Against stat
- Back of card. Hover on "Games Played" for breakdown of number of games Home/Away
- A Brief History of NHL Stats. Gallery of previous versions of NHL Stats
- Surprise Feature (Card styles Modern/Vintage)
- Surprise Feature (4th Trophy Level for all trophies; Diamond Mask, Diamond Trophy & Diamond Whistle)

- Rank Progression Chart, don't quite know how to do this one yet.