Friday, 4 September 2009

All's fair in love, war and queuing ...

Well it is done. I've gotten my third tattoo. I'll try to post a picture soon (Yeah right, that's what you said about the ball-cupping-mammoth picture too). Honestly.. I'm going to try.. but for now I suppose you'll have to settle with this image I created using Adobe® Photoshop® *, albeit the tattoo is slightly altered in it's actual form I feel that this image captures the essence of the tattoo nicely.

* Originally written as "Photoshop mock up". But after reading Adobe Systems Incorporated Permissions and Trademark Guidelines, section 4 to be specific, I decided to alter the text to accurately reflect the guidelines set by Adobe®.

Some people can sure be anal about their registered trademarks. Not pointing any fingers though.

... or am I?

title? Huh? Oh, you mean the point of the title. Well here's a funny story. Well not so much funny as true, and not really funny at all. I'm just quoting myself, because I like doing it. End of story.