Thursday, 24 September 2009

[day 1] Experimenting with Polyphasic sleep

Or well to get really technical it's more accurately biphasic sleep. I have decided to try to sleep less, but more effectively. Not to go into too many details right now, simply because I don't feel like it I have decided to try to sleep differently. My starting point will be 4 and a half hours of sleep at night and a 30 min at day. Yes, I'm also thinking this might be too little, but I will have to adjust it as I see how thing pan out. Seeing as this is the first day I suspect things might not work exactly as I've planned but I'll just have to wait and see. With biphasic sleeping I could get around 4 extra hours to be creative and do things that I feel I do not have time to do otherwise.

The reason I decided to opt for the biphasic model is that I have a son of ~1 years old and a wonderfully understanding "wife" and I do so enjoy spending time with them (her) so I figured the Uberman model (sleeping 20 min every 4 hours) wasn't for me. Albeit tempting to get much more time to be creative, it's simply wouldn't be desirable with all my other life-goals.

Let's see how it goes.