Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Stolen Soul

EDIT: I'm thinking about making it into a series.. Which means Stolen Soul is probably going to be renamed into something for fitting.. Stay tuned.

Fuckin' around a little in Adobe Photoshop, trying out some techniques and what not.. Decides the best way to learn would be to try to make some "artwork". Yes, with bunny rabbit ears for now.. Don't know yet if I'm done and/or satisfied with it. If not, then I can just continue working on it later.

Right now, the great (and slightly having a tantrum period) Boons is calling, which means I have a toddler to attend too.

Enjoy the weirdness that is my creative mind. And 10 points and a parrot badge to anyone who can figure out who the eyes actually belong too. I'll give you clue...

.. changed my mind, I won't give you a clue. Too bad.

Was going to call it "Soulless: Would you trust my eyes?", but I changed my mind about that too.