Saturday, 12 June 2010

Feeling the desire

..hmm.. that title is probably a bit misleading, intentionally of course.. :) Anyways, the actual story is not as arousing. Ordered a HTC Desire earlier this week... So now I am eagerly waiting for my new phone, which still might take 3-4 weeks to arrive but that's okay, I can wait. I'm also taking the step into adulthood and will be switching to a "real" phone service vendor called Saunalahti, which means I will be getting bills once a months. This might not really seem like a big deal but for years now I relied solely on a so-called prepaid vendor, which is really way more expensive but with the benefits of only paying when I feel like it and having a number that is totally off the grid. Practically I was entirely off the grid, but that's because I chose it not because I couldn't. But as soon as I get my new SIM card I will officially be more of an adult. But not really.

Don't worry dear readers though as I will be making sure you get my new number once I have it, well... not all of you obviously but the ones whom I consider as friends. All three of you definitely though.

"I desire my desire", and yes you can quote me on that. Just like I will be quoting Stein on "Some people have crabs, I have piranhas" when playing Island of Eternity.

Also here's a picture of the HTC Desire, because you're too lazy to google it anyway.

"Some people have crabs, I have piranhas". There, now I quoted you. Muahahaha.

Stay tuned for updates on previous posts.


And we're back...

I ♥ Herbs
Of all the things I planted, some started growing. As you saw. Then most of the fuckers got moldy and died. I tried re-planting some in better growing conditions, then I went an got wasted in Tampere and forgot to water all of them. They died too. So as of right now the only things still alive are Basil the I, Thyme the II and random gross-looking Garlic that I planted a week ago that's growing nicely.

A Trip Down Nostalgia Avenue
I still haven't finished the the Command & Conquer game I started, the ass-molestation I got last time left a sore feeling in my behind (nice metaphor isn't it) so I really have no desire (haha) to play it anytime soon. But that's okay I might still and then I'll be sure to post an update or something.

I want you to check out my I ♥ Herbs post at peppar blog, because I fails to display the right symbol and I suspect it could be resolved with UTF-8 encoding which I suspect you don't have, but I could also be wrong, which is why two rows up I used html shorthand syntax instead. Also, wasn't the link pretty funny in a sort of dry "ha-h..." -way.

May the spooning be with you!