Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Storm Movie, based on beat poem by Tim Minchin

Yeah, I'm basically just advertising this. But I'm really looking forward to see how it turns out. Damn it, I wish I could attend the premier at London Hilton Metropole, but alas there's no way I could afford going to London twice the same year. Oh well. Anyway, back to advertising it.

I accidently discovered Tim not very long ago. It was love at first song as some might say (yeah, okay so I'm the only one who's said it). His timing and fourth-wall-y expressions mid song are just pure brilliance.
Favorite song, "You grew on me". The growth of that song from medically clever and funny word-puns to a love song that just struck a chord (several, haha) and always gives me goose bumps at 3.44+. It probably means more to me because of my wife to be's conditions, which gives this song extra depth, intentional or not, I don't know. But it's the only song I've ever experienced that makes laugh and teary-eyed, in the same song. This is quite astonishing.

Tim Minchin is just hilarious.. but also like.. really deep.

Now for the trailer for an animated short based on Tim's 9 minute beat poem. Never actually having heard of DC Turner (that rings any bells atleast) I must say I like his style. Clean and simple artwork, with nice textures, kinda reminds me of some certain posters a certain someone made some time ago.. (Me). The movie looks very promising. I think the animation will fit the vocal style of Tim very good. Let's just hope the get the facial expressions spot on as well. Here's hoping for the best, and also that they'll sell some posters, because..
drag out "I" in the key of F♯ and sing the entire line..
..I want a poster...

That was probably only funny to some people.

Clicky clicky for trailer-y goodness.

Also link to the site.. just incase you get really into it. Storm Movie