Wednesday, 23 June 2010

OMG, I'm Rich!

Thanks to my son I will never have to worry about money again! Apparently the little bastard can shit (pee) money, imagine my surprise when I go to the bathroom to found 20 cents... OMG, Twenty Cents! in his potty.

Just imagine all the things I could buy now like; food, toilet paper... cigarettes, coke.. world peace.. no wait. Never mind the world peace, that's not really my problem. Or well, I suppose one could, if one reeeee'ally wanted to, one could argue that it's as much my problem as anyone else's. But you know what, fuck those people. Oh just imagine all the things I could buy.

Oh, if only it was true. Sadly, it fell in for some reason whilst we were training to use the bathroom and my lovely wife-to-be thought it was too gross to pick it up.