Thursday, 15 July 2010

A Good Week

What's a good week like? Enjoying my morning coffee I've left wondering, like Sarah Jessica Parker, what constitutes a good week? But before the moment sieges me I realize that of the three people that follow my blog, only one likes it when I philosophize. Or two, the verdict is still out if it's one or two. So here I am struggling to please everyone, oh poor me, life's so tough, blah blah.
Nah, fuck it.

Yeah, vacation Thursday. Which means.. sing it with me.. abso-fuckin-lutly nathin' *end on high-pitch*. Yupp, today doesn't really have any significance. Except that it's Thursday.

Tomorrow I'm planning on being drunk from the morning. It's been a part of my plan since my vacation started to be a drunk filthy pig, 'cos who are we kidding, that is what I would be. Finnish people drinking is the bar-equivalent of the ugly-standing-too-creepily-close-breathing-in-your-face friend. You know the one who isn't going to get any even if everyone else is and there's still a few to spare. Anyways... where was I? I forgot. It probably wasn't important.

I'm getting a Elizabethan outfit. Think running around looking like Shakespeare or something similar. I'm actually not quite sure if that's what I'm going to look like. Because obviously I'm not going to be the one making it. My wonderful ex-wife-to-be...

...Yeah you saw it. But no I mean just wife-to-be.. no ex.. I just wanted to check if I have your attention.

Check this out, might be old news to some of you.. it is to me, but I felt it was worth talking about again. Because it's awesome! Everything's freakin' awesome!
[Dr. Horrible]