Friday, 9 July 2010

Zero Clues & Cheesy Memes

Zero Clues, a.k.a. I don't know what to blog about.
But a dear friend of mine, who's name I will not disclose for no apparent reason, asked me to write more personally. He also said I should write less about philosophy and shit (metaphorical shit, mind you). So here goes I suppose, I'm not actually quite sure what he meant but that's okay. I'm sure he'll complain about this one anyway.

Vacation-time! Starting Monday officially, but as of tomorrow I will be enjoying some well earned vacation-time. I say well earned like I've been extra special or something. In reality I use the term "well earned" loosely, meaning "this is my first real, real job so this is my first vacation having worked before it". Vacation ramblings, check.

Also someone, buy me this 'effin mug!!! (clicky clicky yes, worthy of three exclamation mark)

FYI, I'm still waiting for my HTC Desire. It's been over 4 weeks now, it should have taken 3-4 weeks. But alas, they don't have any of the phones and people who ordered before are still waiting as well. Though it pisses me off rightfully so that because of their fuck-up I have to wait longer. My order got shifted a week longer because apparently some people can not have a database system that understands Swedish. They compensated me a little for it, but still. Whining about a lack of phone, check.

I'm secretly preparing for a pick-nick tomorrow. Well, secretly and secretly is kind of a lie. I already told my wife-to-be that she shouldn't make any plans and that we're going on a pick-nick. But why Carlos did you tell her, I hear you ask?! (in my mind.. I hear things in my mind) But nah, I told her because she rarely actually likes surprises unless they're really awesome (which mine usually are) and if she has no idea that they're happening. But that's okay, she also has the memory of goldfish, so it will still be "kind of" a surprise. I hope she'll like my dessert [insert penis-joke here]. No, actually I'm making strawberries with mango glazed in dark chocolate and vanilla dip. So yeah, I hope she wants to dip it in my vanilla sauce... see? that wasn't so difficult. Penis-joke and sharing future event, check!

Right now, this movie is playing on my tv. Don't worry, I'm not watching it, not that I probably couldn't... wait, what?.. Scratch that, I've tried watching these kinds of movies before. I even tried watching Tipping the Velvet once... oh my god.. the.. worst.. 25 minutes.. of my life. That's how much I could stand. It's 177 minutes long. I just don't find them interesting or interesting.. or, well.. you get it.

Now I feel like going for a smoke. So.. Fuck off...