Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Reach out and Remember (pun)

Because I'm sick.. again.. but I feel like I should blog a little, since it's been awhile and also because I feel like blogging. So here's a (very short) review of Halo: Reach

I liked it, the gameplay is, as per usual by Bungie and therefore smooth and awesome. It really is, say what you will about xbox, Bungie knows how to make multiplayer good. The game is intended as Bungie's swan song, their final Halo of all Halo's that coincidentally doesn't contain Halo.

The campaign was.. hmm.. good? No, I mean.. it was good. The story played out nicely and all. I just feel like something's missing. I'm still not quite sure what that is, but I can get back to you.

I will say one thing though. Marty O'Donnell, I am a bit disappointed. After the soundtrack to Halo: ODST which blew my mind in new ways of awesome. The sensation of solitude I felt when playing ODST resonating through the soundscape was on a completely new level. However I didn't quite feel the sensation of despair and hopeless epic struggle, gameplay-wise.. yes.. musically.. not quite. Hense Marty I'm sad to say that I'm a little bit disappointed.. Feel free to contact me if you wanna hear my extended constructive criticism. Anyways.
All in all;
I'm giving Halo: Reach 4.2 grenade stickies to face out of 5 (84%)

So there. Batman got a better score. Hmm.. thinking about this gives me an idea. Maybe I could give a quick rundown of all the games I have. And no, no reviews of them, just a quick score for all of them. I have 14 games, so it's not a lot.

Thoughts people?