Sunday, 5 September 2010

Too tired.. to dream?

... I'm too tired to blog. I've only slept a couple of hours last night. On the other hand I've also seen Inception now, so here's a quick review of that movie.

SPOILER-FREE, read cautiously but safely.

I liked it, I don't really feel like it lived up fully to the hype surrounding it. The concept was nice, I've always been a fan of dream vs. reality thinking and questioning. It reminds me a little of an idea I've had for years too, and no Nolan didn't steal my movie idea or anything (don't worry, there will be no Photoshoppin'). But the questions asked in this movie are questions I have asked myself and others every now and then for years now. It's nice to see that someone else has thought about it too. Leo did a good role, I prefer him not doing his now famous (and quite shitty) accents. See Blood Diamond (clicky) for what can only be described as atrocious. Everyone else did equally good roles, though I wish I could've seen a bit more of Michael Caine, who is awesome! The ending was //*$EDITED FOR SPOILER-FREE-NESS&*%//.

All in all.
Was it a good movie.. yes!
Worth seeing in theaters.. possibly!
Bonus-points for omission of 3D-shit.. hell yeah!
DVD-must-buy?.. yes!

4.5 Spinning totems out of 5