Monday, 30 August 2010

Home sick & Behind the scenes

Home Sick
Yupp, I have it too. Whatever my son had earlier we all now have. Probably just your common household cold, but annoying nonetheless. So I'm home from work today, but I'm gonna go there tomorrow so I think it'll be fine. Besides, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine I can now be productive regardless of illness.
Thankfully though like I posted yesterday, I've got the "studio" working again. But not only that, today I managed to get everything working, so now I can produce bad quality 720p videos, including title screen and all. You'll get to see it later, now I need to focus on audio, since the music will always come firsthand I don't really care much for the video. I say much and I mean it, but that doesn't mean I can't try to make something pleasing to watch.. pleasing for me that is, not necessarily for you.

Behind the scenes
And for your viewing pleasure, here's a peek behind the scenes of my work flow for making the shit that you have to endure on youtube.

See how nice I am?

How many people would go through all the trouble of illustrating the work flow in such an incredible high resolution. (I remember the camera taking a big picture, which I rescaled to 590x443) and to such astonishing detail (I spent at least 2 minutes drawing this turd of an illustration). And let's not forget post-production (I photoshopped a black box over a thingy that will remain a secret until the video goes viral) And by viral I don't mean it spreads like wildfire and people can't stop talking about it, I mean.. more the genital herpes kind of viral. So yes I said it, my videos will give you herpes.. that's how nice I am.
I can sense your admiration all over the intertweb tubes, that's it.. let it all out, you know you want to..

Enjoy your STD...