Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Ridding the Addiction(s)

Hello, My name is Carlos, and I'm an achievement whore who also is addicted to Coca-Cola.
Eerie silence. Someone coughs.
Or at least I used to be. Like a month ago or something, I started (all of us actually) to take D-Vitamins. I've always kind of suspected that I suffer from Winter Depression or SAD (stupid I know) as it's more commonly known as. So by random chance and having been sick on a higher frequency I just "happened" to be at a local pharmacy with my dear mother, whilst I was minding my errands she was checking out the Vitamin section. And since we had actually discussed my possible need for D's (I can't be bothered to continue writing D-Vitamin all the time, hence I will just call it D's, live with it..) she thought she would buy me some. It just so happened that they were having a sale on a random brand and thusly the D's were purchased.

And you know what? I actually feel better. I've been kind of known to have a hyper activeness going on, but winter has always been "off". Winter time I've still always had energy I suppose you could call it but it's always been very unstable, or more accurately I always feel a bit exhausted bit still with a lot of physical energy. If that makes any sense? Anyways, I feel better. I generally feel more rested even though the amount I rest hasn't changed at all. So hurray for D's, and I'm going to continue with that until Springs rears it's moist and succulent head.

But this wasn't going to be about D's. *reads title again*. Right... Ridding the Addiction(s). By an odd stroke of luck, let's at least call it that, I also cut down my Coca-Cola intake ranging from an average of 4-6 liter per week to.. well.. nothing at all actually. Yes, obviously I can not thank the D's alone, for my well being, but I am sure they've contributed their fare share. So yeah, I stopped drinking Coke, which also means, as it turned out, that I need something to replace my default hungover-drink. Suggestions? And I feel better, I don't even want Coke in the same way anymore. Right now, a glass of freezing cold water feels more alluring. Which is nice, 'cos.. well yeah, it's cheaper and I can indulge myself in it without feeling a bit gross. Today though, I did have a 0,5 liter bottle when I ate. But even though I actually had some left afterward I really didn't feel like drinking the rest. So hurray! Addiction free-ish! I not going to claim that I'm totally addiction free since that would be.. simply put.. moronic.

I still have to find something to drink when I'm hungover though and that will be a problem since I enjoy the carbonated water -part of this particular carbonated soft drink. But I'm sure there's something out there that could work as an adequate substitute.

So why plural on Addiction(s)?

Because after reading the delightfully interesting thoughts of Chris Hecker and having an thought provoking experience with Fable III I have decided to try, emphasis on try as I don't know how successful it will be, to ignore achievements in games. Simply because their presence disrupts my gaming experience as they force me to subconsciously (or consciously) play the game in a way that might not be in tune with how I would naturally play it, had I been given the choice to set my own internal goals. Epiphany Unlocked! And yes I'm being ironic or something..
Sure I might still post the occasional Achievement Unlocked image, though I suspect I will be more likely to post an Epiphany Unlocked image instead, and I reserve myself the right to post these. They were more or less ironic to begin with and since that hasn't changed, we're all friends here, right?

So with all of this in my now, newly re-packed baggage I bid you farewell. I feel better than I did two months ago. But rest assured, I still loath humankind and have no faith in humanity's ability to not screw itself over like a rerun of a bad sit-com.

Bye for now!