Thursday, 20 January 2011

Feed Me!

Yeah, this is totally the surprise you've all been waiting for. I'm a little sorry that I took until today, I really did plan for Thursday, but then I just obviously didn't. So yeah, there's that. But I hope my surprise will make it up to you.


As some you might not know. I'm totally a poor starving artist.


No really, I totally am. Well.. the artist part is kind of true at least. But now you can feed me by buying a t-shirt. Yeah I know, it's pretty awesome isn't it! Of course I only get a cut of the profit so if it's possible, you should really buy like 50 of them at once. Nah, I'm kidding, it's okay if you only buy 10 at a time.

Again, kidding. Even though I'm being a self-promoting ass-hat right now, hey, who knows, you might like 'em. So on a more serious note, do go check them out. If you happen to like any of them (13 horror inspired designs) then awesome. If you happen to purchase one, even awesome-er! But even if you don't, we're still totally friends.

This is the only available design so far. Feel free to click the link and buy one right now.

Freddy Krueger