Sunday, 16 January 2011

Have I Told You?

That I've actually been in some movies too. No, like seriously actually been in some movies. Okay, well.. I starred in a short movie about... hmm... I'm still not actually sure what it was about. I just googled it, read about it. But no, I'm still not sure what it was about. Anyway, here's a still from that short movie I managed to scrape out from the bottom of the internet. I do have it on DVD as well, I converted it from VHS some years ago. Yeah, blond hair.. I don't know what I was thinking. Also I spelled blond wrong, damn it!

So which other movie was I in, you might wonder? Well I'll tell you. Here you go, Bugi Fiction. According to the credits I'm a "Mafia's Hitman / Customer in Bar". So yeah, not a very big role, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless. This was eight or so years ago. But thankfully I had gotten rid of the blond hair by then, at least I wanna remember it that way. I might remember it wrong though. Hmm.. I feel like I could be up for being in some more movies though, they were always fun experiences despite my tacky choice of hair-colours. Or maybe I could have a minor role in a play or something? Yeah, that might be fun. Well see how things go.

And just to ease your mind, I know you're furiously thinking and wondering. No this isn't the surprise I had in store. I'm still saving that for tomorrow or maybe Tuesday, depending on how things go. Until then, I suggest you go out and try to find Bugi Fiction in a movie rental store near you, and enjoy the experience.