Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Fable-ing Continues

So, not only have a finished My Fabled Pants (or did I already tell you that?), the missus.. awesome as usual went and pulled a "half-nighter" and this morning I woke up to a Restoration Era -styled shirt.. needless to say, I was just so splendid that I couldn't resist wearing it today.. when we coincidentally went to celebrate my mother, who turned the big five-oh some days ago.

Well enough about my personal life, that's not why you people (all five-ish of you) read this blog. Obviously you read it because for a year now you have spent sleepless nights wondering whatever happened to the Fabled Pants I started making about.. oh yeah.. about a year ago. Well.. they are done. And they are awesome, except for the part about my testicles flashing themselves some month ago because I apparently had a pretty huge hole in them.. My sincerest apologies to all the cars passing by as I have sat for a smoke on our porch. I hope it helps to know that I didn't intentionally flash my man parts at you. Unlike the other times when I have walked around naked, because then I have obviously intentionally meant to flash all of you. Oh, right.. enough about my well-endowed nature (narcissistic much today, Carlos?).. Where was I?

Right.. pants. They are done, even though it took a lot longer than I expected, through no fault of the missus.. she did her part quickly enough.. I just sort of dragged out the rest of it. And then I forgot to blog about them once they were done. Having said that, they are pictured below.. the pants that is.. not the testicles.

And the other thing. The shirt, well.. it's mindbogglingly awesome. I hope I'm getting right now, but as far as I have understood it — Historical accuracy is more her thing than my thing — The shirt should be a Restoration Era shirt, which was between 1660-1685.

Does this coincide with the Fable game series? Well.. according to my research.. Yes and no, not exactly, since Fable II takes place around the Age of Enlightenment (roughly 1650-1700) and Fable III (which served as partial inspiration as well) in turn takes place 50 years later.. meaning we are talking about a timespan from 1650 to 1750.

Actually come to think of.. starting way back at Fable (the first one) I have this time line to work with, assuming one game depicts roughly 60 years;
Fable - circa 1100
Fable II - circa 1660
Fable III - circa 1770

Well.. actually, that's not that bad. Yeah, my years might be a bit off, this is still a RPG-game we are talking about and I'm guessing they took some creative liberties but all in all, I would have to lean more towards "Yes", the shirt is pretty accurate, historically and Fable-y.

But enough talk, more pictures. And before you wonder, "No, I have no shame..".