Sunday, 8 August 2010

My Fabled Pants (v.3)

I'm making pants. Or well, technically I suppose I'm designing pants and my wife-to-be is making them. She knows her way around a sewing machine much better than I ever could.

This concept drawing from Fable 2 is the inspiration I'm using for my pants. They're not going to be an exact and/or replica of the drawing, but merely serve as an inspirational guideline for the style I'm going for. The man pants.. not the stripes of cloth they try to pass of as a skirt.

My fabric of choice is Linen, a dark-greyish green colour as the base. So far I've cut out most of the pieces required. And done some necessary sewing to assist in painting the stripe pattern of the fabric. The stripes are now dried so that sewing and shit may recommence. I also cut out a square for a Kerchief, which I though would be a nice addition to my different types of headgear. I've also painted stripes on it, but I'm not sure I will use it as part of my Fabled outfit.

I can post a picture as soon as the pants have taken more shape. They're still quite piece by piece at the moment.

Editors note: The reason for v.3 is that these are chronologically the third time I have an idea for pants. The two previous attempt were utter failures. This time they will be awesome because I have my wonderful wife-to-be to constrain me from ideas that are awesome in themselves but total crap when combined into pants.