Monday, 19 September 2011

Often and Shorter

Some time ago I had the lucky accident of buying single blade disposable razor blades, which I then obviously blogged about. Upon having blogged—you can shut up now Firefox, I get that "blogged" is not a proper verb, deal with it—about the aforementioned items I actually received some feedback and such, not here, but at "other" places—"other" being Facebook I am a little ashamed to admit, anyway...—where someone suggested that I could just as well boil my blades a little bit, no need to rinse them in alcohol.

So now today, I thought "Hey, I'm actually going to try that!". I mean, let's face it.. I am a cheap bastard and whenever I can cut corners on non-essentials, like for instance razor blades or proper sleep, I will gladly and haphazardly try out all sorts of things. That came out a little wrong but I trust you know what I mean. So obviously I boiled some razor blades when I got home from work. Umm.. yeah.. it didn't really work as awesomely as I had hoped. Who would have guessed that plastic, kind of melts and bends when exposed to high enough temperature? Oh, everyone?! Well I hadn't given that any thought at all. At least they made for a good laugh between me and the missus, who was a bit sceptical at the idea to begin with.

On a completely different note I have now also procured the last item required to make my Acoustic Stomp Box. So I suppose I really don't have any more excuses as to why I shouldn't finish it now. Damn it. Maybe that should the my little project for the day? Finish the Box so that I can disturb the neighbours in an entirely new way, like they don't get enough of the singing/guitar/ukulele/harmonica combo. Anyway. I thought I would keep this one short(er) for a change. Often and shorter will be my new blog motto.. that or.. well.. not.