Sunday, 3 July 2011

Go Shave Yourself!

OBSERVE: The following text should be read quickly whilst imagining an excited salesman rambling in your face.. okay? then.. Go!

Tired of suffering from razor burn after each shave?

Annoyed at the ridiculous prices of "Gillette Super Motherfusion Turbo Drive Lazor Mach Dodecablade"? (that would be 12 blades for those of you that don't speak Ancient Greek)

Confused by all the marketing bullshit that manufacturers spit in every direction, including separation of blades/handles by gender.. blue for men and pink for the ladies.. like it really matters that much?!

Introducing the not even slightly new Euro Shopper Single blade disposable razor! Yes, you heard correctly, SINGLE blade. No more confusing blade counting, no more razor burns or at the very least.. significantly less razor burn. Did you know that more blades actually don't contribute to a better shave? But do you want to know the best part.. don't take my word for it, go out and buy yourself a pack, it's only like 1 € or something.. I'm too excited to remember right now! Available in selected retail stores such as Citymarket at least.. probably other stores too I just haven't looked for them anywhere else.

It's okay to start reading at normal speed now..

You get ten blades for a fraction of what you would pay for 4 blades by a certain leading competitor. These blades can be used several times also.. even though they're supposed to be disposable. A trick is to rinse them in alcohol to remove the build-up from sediments in the water.. don't believe me? Try it yourself. So you can squeeze maybe 30-40 shaves out of this ten-pack.

The blade actually work well too, sure you have to rinse it between but then again you are kind of supposed to be doing that with other blades too. I had significantly less razor burn after shaving using a single blade and the missus thought that the result was noticeable smoother too. So a win-win situation for both us.

Euro Shopper Single blade disposable razor blades get the famous (?) "Thumbs up" seal of approval, by Carlos.

Now.. go shave yourself!