Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Some Songs I Thought You Might Like

You know how they say that no song is ever better than when performed by its original artist? No? Most people don’t say that because there’s so many examples of songs which have been improved by being covered by another artist?


Well. I don’t really need to make a lengthy introduction then. Here’s 5 songs that I think are way, way better than the originals. Here’s 4 song that I just wanted to squeeze into a post for no good reason.

Quick rules: Every song has to have under 1 million views. The less views the better because… everyone has either seen or sung, a cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and I think we’re good on the Hallelujah front, okay? Also, there’s really no point to me showing you covers you’ve probably already seen. Genre switching grants bonus points. Is your cover also a cover? Great, double points for you buddy.

Here we go.

Then there’s of course the two songs I really would have wanted to include but couldn’t have without breaking one of my own rules. Chris Daughtry’s cover of Lady Gaga’s Pokerface is awesome and Ella Henderson turns Cher’s shitty Believe into a song you actually want to listen to. But “sadly” both of them have view counts that are far too high to be featured on this list.

Finally, we have Matt Mulholland, who with The Steinbenders does the greatest cover of a Katy Perry song. Ever.

Original Song: Katy Perry — Roar.