Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Batbominable Batly Batdate

This week’s update will be the shortest ever for two reason; 1) I made cupcakes this week, again and they were quite decent but not the “OMFG” that last week’s cupcakes had been. And 2) Because “I’m Batman!”.

Vanilla and White Chocolate Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting and Macadamia Nut sprinkles.

I’m not sure what cupcakes I will make next. I have a few ideas in mind but nothing established yet.

Batman cupcake with Batman Frosting and Batman sprinkles. Batman!

Yes. Last Friday Batman: Arkham Origins was finally released and I had it pre-ordered for £22.49 and since I haven’t done much else — of any interest — this week that’s pretty much it for this week’s update. Once I’m done playing through the entire game I thought I might do a humorous take on reviewing it.

Psst, did I tell you that I’m Batman? Okay good, just making sure. Don’t tell anyone though, ‘cos I have to keep it a secret.