Sunday, 29 August 2010

Back to the Studio (?)

Hurray! Despite having a major migraine and/or headache right now I managed to figure out why my audio equipment wasn't working. So now I'm back in business, figuratively of course since my business isn't actually music.. at least not at the moment. Nonetheless I as happy as one can be a Sunday morning without a hangover, wife-to-be sleeping and a 2-year old scuffing about being sickly and sensitive. Yeah and the headache of course.

Because I don't really feel like writing a long post this time. I'll just post pictures of my "studio" equipment for those of you that are interested is knowing what it looks like.

Roland UA-4FX


Enjoy your Sunday and kids.. remember...

It's never wrong to slap a stranger if they were totally asking for it..
Carlos Nabb, a moment ago