Saturday, 28 August 2010

Equipment on the fritz

I tried to record another song late last Sunday, I figured that the massive intake of alcohol earlier that weekend would've relaxed my vocal chords so much.. and they had.. that I would record a cover of Bonnie Raitt. But no, for some reason my recording equipment was on the fritz. Or well.. the more likely culprit being my laptop, the mixer took in sound and so did Audacity according to the spectrum analyzer. But after recording I had nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was really annoying because I still have no idea why. I've tried reinstalling Audacity and will see if that makes a difference. I suspect that Windows Movie Maker is what fucked it up, but I don't really know. Because well.. before WMM everything was working fine, but the I wanted to add "video" to Unstabbable Feet and I didn't feel like installing Premier or anything else especially fancy, since I wasn't going to edit anything. Just merge some audio with video. I suspect there's better software out there anyway, but I was too stressed to look.

I'm open to suggestions. Right now I'm using Audacity 1.3 Beta on a Windows 7 laptop, with Windows Movie Maker as my easy video editing software.

I used to use my wife-to-be's Samsung A503 to shoot video footage but since I doesn't support 720p I going to start using my Samsung Galaxy S instead. Sure the footage will be grainy but it was grainy with the A503 anyways. And also I kinda like that, it gives it a nice B-look to it. It does however mean I have to re-shoot the footage I already have since it's in the wrong resolution / aspect ratio (640x480).

But that's okay because thankfully I saved the props. That reminds me, none you have actually seen the footage. You've only seen the byproduct "Luminous Truth" in my Is art crap -post (clicky clicky to remind yourself). But sleep well at nights thinking that I will post it, getting the video is the easy part. If I can just get the audio recording to work again it won't be long until I can post another video, with another song.

Until, see you over the rainbow!