Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Dry Spell

Yeah, I know, I know.. shame on me. Only three posts in one month. What can I say..? Dry Spell? Would that suffice? Hmm, probably not.

So let's just all pretend that, instead of having written nothing for a month (almost), I been writing really funny and clever.. stuff. A-grade reading material. You read it, you loved it, made sweet (albeit weird) love to it. You pissed yourself because you laughed so hard. And then you made love to my writing again, because you're just freaky like that, you pervert. Deal?

Good, then we're all friends again. And also you made sweet erotic love to my clever and funny writings. But that's okay, I forgive you.

So has nothing remotely interesting been happening lately to bring on this dry spell? Well partly I suppose, I haven't really been all that creative lately. I want to, but nothing has come to mind to be creative about. Or well, actually now, that's not entirely true. I have two things on the horizon. One, kind of requires time alone at home, so that I can record a song, to which I will make a video as discussed with a friend. We had a great brainstorming session and out of that, the idea of a stop-motion paper cut-out figures -video was born...

It's okay, I can wait. Feel free to read it again, it was weird when I wrote it too. Stop-motion.. paper.. cut-out.. figures.. video. So yeah, just imagine me with a guitar.. but cut out of paper, and moving stop-motion style. Maybe it's better I just actually do the video, and you can see it when it's done instead of trying to imagine it now. But I will post some progress pictures and behind the scenes stuff whenever I have some

The other creative idea I have on the horizon is to build an Ukulele. Well not quite build one per se, I bought a "Build Your Own"-kit. But I'm still going to modify it and such.

I am very excited about this one. For one thing it'll be fun to own an Ukulele, and even more fun to "make" one. So yeah, the quality of this Tenayo is probably not the best. But then again, my Yamaha C-40 isn't the greatest guitar in the world either and I still enjoy playing on it frequently. What it lacks in build quality in makes up for in charm.

So I figured, if I get an Ukulele, surely my son should get one too. Mostly because he's always very fascinated when I play guitar, so yeah. Two Ukulele's, one for me and for my bastard spawn (it's okay, he knows I call him that).

I think that's all for now. But rest assured, I will try my best to blog more frequently since you "loved" my stuff so much.