Friday, 15 April 2011

The Stuff Arrives

Hurray! My ordered stuff has arrived. Actually it arrived on Wednesday, but I've had better things to do than blog. Shocked and appalled you say; "Surely not, what's more important than blogging!". And I confess to you with a slight hint of sadness and shame in my voice that, "No, you're right. I didn't have anything more important to do, I just felt too unmotivated to right about it the second it happened. And I never thought you'd call me out on my bluff."

Happy now? Now we're all a bit more sad on the inside?

Anyway, behold the gloriously, extremely badly edited ( or not so much edited as molested in pixlr, I have no Adobe Photopoop(tm) at the moment ) pictures of the Ukuleles. Just pretend that the badly drawn frames are.. well.. not badly drawn. And that the text looks like it's supposed to look instead.

Oh yeah, and before I forgot, the white cube next to them is my own "invention" the USCC™, Universal Size Comparison Cube™, the 50.8mm size to be specific. So you get a feel for the size of these. And yeah, they are incredible tiny was my first thought too. Apparently I have bigger hands than I thought.

That's 2 inches by the way if you use other, lesser systems, of measurement.

I haven't quite decided how to paint mine yet and since there's a lot of sanding ( that wounds weird ) before I can even get to the painting part, I'm not stressing so much about it yet.

Needless to say, it will be awesome and you will probably want to have sex with the Ukulele as well, just like you did with my words earlier.. perv.