Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sad laptop is sad

So yeah. My new (old) laptop is sad. Sad laptop is sad. Sad laptop is also kind of dead. Damn it. I haven't tried connecting an external display through VGA yet, but I fear that it's not so much the screen that has died, but more that the GFX-card has... how do I put this? The fat lady has not only sang her songs, she's also left the building, gone home, made herself a cup of tea, gone to bed, woken up in the morning and moved on with her life.

Oakfield is no more, all hail Oakfield! (that's what I named the laptop)

Nah, I am going to check if I could get a external display to work. If so then excellent, because I can get all the work I've done on the laptop copied to the main machine (Zelda). Otherwise I suppose I'll have to take it apart so I can get the harddrive out of it and connect that to Zelda. Either way, I have to find a way to copy stuff from it since all the work I've done on the board game for the past year is on that. All the songs I written for the past year is on it. Unnerving times right now.

At least me and old Oaky had a good run. Remember that time when I had only had Oaky for like two days or something and then I spilled O'Boy on him. Yeah, that was hilarious and I ran around panicked thinking that I had ruined him. And then the following day he was still alive. Fun times. Me and Oaky had some good laughs, like when I tried to left-click sometimes and Oaky though it would be a lot funnier to pretend I was keeping the mouse bottom held. He used to like doing that when I was using Adobe Photoshop(tm) which is just his sort of humour. Or other times when Oaky pretended that I had double-clicked.. when really I hadn't. Like I said, fun times.. you bitchy-faced laptop. Or like how I never used his battery and kept it plugged in all the times instead because the battery was so shit that would only last.. for an hour, I think.

I always hated you Oaky, I hated your fat bitchin' face.

Anyway I'll keep you, all my three avid readers, up to date on how it goes. Next, on a very special episode of Blossom, the fate of Oaky is decided.