Thursday, 21 April 2011

No Gingy for Sadsung

Boohoo for me, no Gingerbread just yet. Turns out Samsung fudged it a bit with the update (again!) to Gingerbread 2.3 as it bricked some phones, deleted the market place on others (again!!) and other unpleasant things. Lucky me I was actually going to update last Sunday, but alas my phone's battery was running a bit low so Kies (the PC software) told me to fuck off. Well not literally, it just complained that my battery was too low and refused to update. In hindsight I was lucky apparently as there are others out there who weren't as lucky. Because the next day when I was going to try to update it again Kies claimed that I had the latest firmware and refused to acknowledge the existence of 2.3, holding firmly on to that 2.2.1 is the latest. Later that day I found out that Gingy was fudged, so lucky me.

Sadsung is sad 'cos it got no Gingy!

By the way, that is actually a screen shot of my home screen, taken like a month ago but still. So now I'm just patiently waiting for a new update of the original new update. Yeah, Samsung likes to roll that way;

"Teasing with an update... Here you go, good customers of Samsung.. take it, don't be afraid, it's totally awesome, this new update... *pulls it away at the last second* Or maybe I'll just hold on to it a little more.. *gives it again* Nah, I'm just joking, here you go, taste my awesome penis.. *shoves it in unsuspecting mouth* Yeah, you like the taste of that don't you..

..Then you noticed that the metaphorical penis tastes like poop.. *Samsung pulls out again* Ooops, my bad, just a little poo-poo there, nothing to worry about, I'm totally STD-free.. (it's not) I'll just go and wash this off and we're good to go again Samsung says and then you you don't see them for weeks. And they don't even call you or anything."

Samsung Kies updates.. kind of like getting mouth-raped, I suppose.