Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Coffees of the World [pv]

[pv] stands for Preview. I've just decided this. Go with it.

Anyway. I'm still very much experimenting and exploring the wonderful world of coffee. This I am going to write about in so intricate detail that you will probably even get slightly annoyed at me, but then you will remember how much you all love me and you will calm down. From then on out.. maybe you will even keep calm. And who knows someday.. just someday.. you will be able to carry on. (I'm truly sorry to all non-native English speaking people, who might not get that.. and in case you did. Well good for you!)

Anyway.. again. I will write all about it, but for now you are going to have to be okay with just a picture. Simply because I'm too knackered to do it now. Enjoy this preview, and don't fret. It will all make sense in due time, unless it already makes sense. In which case this whole part feels pretty redundant but since I have already made the effort to write it, I refuse to delete it. Or edit it. Or even pretend that it isn't there. Instead, what do I do? I make a big deal about it, so big that it borderline overshadows the entire point of this post.

So in summary. Tired now, coffee talking later. Goodnight!