Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The One With All The Pictures

This picture has nothing to do with anything else, I just liked how it looked and wanted to show it to someone.. anyone?

So finally the wait is over. Our internet has arrived and I no longer have to blog from my phone, which was albeit an okay experience, nothing I would enjoy doing on a regular basis. Too fiddly to write and I could never see everything either so I spelled things wrong and didn't notice. Yeah, maybe no one else noticed either but it still bugs me.

Still waiting for our new fridge though, which should still (hopefully) arrive this week.

So yeah, new apartment and I'm sure at least some of you (the two readers whom I don't actually already live with that is) would like to see some pictures and who am I to disappoint? Well technically I am the douche who blogs about whatever I feel like at that particular moment.. once I had a moment of "ooh, I'll do a Carlos vs. Lady Gaga" -thingy. Which I still might for the records but for now you're all safe from that.

So anyway. Here are some pictures of our new home. It's obviously much.. mu'uuch cooler and nicer and all those things in reality, the pictures really don't do it justice. But unless you happen to visit us sometime, you will just have to take my word for it. So there.


Oh, right.. one final thing before the pictures. I have now also managed to acquire a digital kitchen scale (no thanks to any of you bastards.. nah, it's cool we're still friends.. let's just say I like you a little less..) and the burr grinder I "talked" about earlier in Nine Days Later. So far I'm very pleased with my coffee results as well, although I'm still trying to figure the exact right settings for French press (Zassenhaus doesn't send with any kind of instructions.. at all). So before the pictures of our new home, here's a picture of my new stuff..

Obviously everything isn't in its place yet but we will get there soon enough. Maybe I can even snap a few more pictures of things, like Boon's room which is currently the most chaotic one.. hence no picture just yet.

Bye for now.