Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Illegal Mushrooms

So yeah, funny story. Since we moved recently I went through boxes of crap that I have been saving for some years. I come from a long line of hoarders so it's quite cleansing to just throw shit away. Well in one of those boxes I found a CD I haven't seen in a while. Actually it's a whole album, with 19 songs.. can you believe it? Even better. It's the only copy in the world since I wasn't as big on backup's back then. You feel a bit special now, don't you? A little tingly inside? Oh the tension.. what has Carlos got in store for us now?

Well.. until I can get my shit together and actually record a new song this will have to do. Scraped from deep within the boxes of "whatchamacallit", hidden behind layers of "Oh, here is this random thing I looked for three years ago but never found"...

I present you with "The Cerebral Project - Remastered". This track is entitled "I Toad I Told You Mushrooms Should Be Illegal". And yes, I have made this.. a long, long time ago.

Those of you with eyes as nails
who sees no wholes but details
Make my digit all clear
and more tunes will appear
Comment the correct answer!