Sunday, 24 July 2011

So Long and Goodbye, Oaky

Hurray and happy day! I finally managed to recover all the important files from the oh so dead laptop. Which also means that as of now, Oaky is officially dead. To be fair he's (she's?) been dead for over three months.. but I haven't had the heart to declare her (yupp.. her) officially dead until now. Why? I pretend you ask like you care even though we both know you don't. Well I'll tell you why anyway. Because that's just how I write...


I'm sorry about that last part. I just read it too and yeah, it makes no sense. So I haven't had the heart to declare her dead until now, because I had a lot of important files on her hard drive. Turns out it was even more than I remembered.. like 2.04 GB of Island of Eternity that I have nowhere else, because you know.. instead of backing up important things, I like to live on the edge. Yeah baby.. single copy only! And my Music folder.. as in, not downloaded music, but songs I have written, recordings I have done. Turns out I had 5.43 GB worth of it. That I again of course.. had nowhere else.

My new website was also there.. which as sort of why it has gotten severely delayed. But maybe.. just maybe, I might get a bit back on track with my creativeness now.

I feel so much better now, knowing that my files are safe and sound on slightly more stable computer. Slightly.. because I have at least one damaged SATA drive in the main computer too, that should be replaced as soon as possible. So sometime next year or so, probably. But hey, no I have no more excuses for not doing stuff. Which mean that "oh crap".. I'm actually going to have to start doing stuff again.

Damn you Oaky.. damn you straight to eHell!