Tuesday, 12 July 2011

SuperMeaty Meat Boy!

For once I actually get to have a title that's relevant to the post.. yet still make no sense. Today.. to cheer myself up from this weekends Twizzler fiasco I surfed around for no reason at all other than to find inspiration. Yeah.. I kind of do that a lot.

In some strange way I found myself at Edmund McMillen's blog.. the co-creator (as Team Meat) to the very very awesome game Super Meat Boy! (SMB).. yeah.. the exclamation mark is actually part of the title. You can get it on Steam right now if that's your kind of thing.. if not.. it kind of should be. Anyway.. So yeah.. Surfing around no other reason than the usual one. From there I "stumbled" upon the soundtrack to SMB...

- By now you are probably wondering why Carlos is rambling on about this story. But rest assured that he has point and he's about to get to it.

My first and spontaneous though, after having listened to two songs and concluded that I must have this soundtrack, was "I wonder if there's a torrent for it?".. No no, don't go! Stay with me.. Happy ending I promise. So I of course went to one of the myriad of selections that are out there for our pirating needs. But as I typed into the search field.. something called me back to the bandcamp.com -tab where I had found the soundtrack in the first place.. That something was called Forest Funk..

It was at that point I noticed a semi-discrete link, boldly proclaiming that I could "Buy Now".. after which it said "$3.99 USD or more". At that point I had completely forgotten about the torrent.. only $3.99 for 34 songs? Whereupon I clicked the link figuring that at the very least I could see how this thing worked.

Now I'm a soundtrack richer.. all of it in glorious FLAC. I decided to pay $7 for it since it clearly said "...or more" and I wanted to support this as much as I could. From one starving artist to another I suppose. I wish I could have paid a little more.

So.. now Edmund or probably Danny have to buy a T-shirt from me.. and then we're even. Nah, I'm just kidding.. I doubt either of them would ever stumble upon this little post.

Thanks for an awesome game.. and an awesome soundtrack though!

Edit: For those who might not understand this themselves. I have nothing to do with the good people of bandcamp.com or Team Meat. This story is actually about how I cheered myself up with music and how I didn't commit a crime whilst doing it.